Winter Interest: Flowers

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hi there welcome to another episode of get gardening! it is now officially winter and I have decided to start filming a winter series because if you live in the North we have to admit that winter is at least four months of the year so our garden should be just as beautiful and winter as they are in spring or summer so it brought this series i will be showing you different types of plants to include in your garden to add some winter interest like evergreens or different kinds of shrubs that have interesting stamps so to start off this series i will be showing you some plants that you leave the dried flowers on for some winter interest let's go ahead and take a look at some flowers so here my parents house you can see there are certain plants that really look interesting even in the winter time this is a cone flower echinacea and by leaving it you can see the spent flower blossoms they move in the wind kind of remind you what it looked like in summer spiky and then even when I suppose they get covered in snow and they just look like a nice little sculptural piece in the wintertime so I wouldn't be too eager to cut these down and spring I would cut them down but for winter it's just something interesting to look at one of the best plants that I would not cut down in the fall to leave some interesting shapes for the wintertime is a hydrangea and this is a hydrangea tree and use you can see spent flower blossoms they move really nicely in the wind when the snow falls that get covered in our box blossoms very interesting architectural pieces so right here are two other really good examples of plants that I would leave throughout the winter time and the first one is a sedum you can see it's got the remains of its flower blossoms on it and in the background here is a cardinal flower and throughout all of winter these will remain just as you see them right now and they're really just interesting to have something really tall and something with the shape of a flower when the snow falls on the serums it covers the top of the flowers and it looks like little white blooming serums and i would definitely leave all of these as well so back at my house now I have this plant here this is an agastache that also has really interesting cat can like former flowers dried flowers that will persist throughout the winter I've also heard that flaw mamas is a really good plant a perennial to grow for winter foliage and I have grown some annuals in the past such as then zinnias that grow really well and have nice winter foliage but I've noticed even my verbena bonariensis has persisted throughout the winter and looks rather nice and here's some yarrow that kind of echoes like a sedum dried head anyways thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you're going to be enjoying my series on winter interest and until next time I hope you like and subscribe and are able to get gardening.

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