Why does Russia buy Colombian flowers from the Netherlands?

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While Britons scare their children with Putin and cow parsnip, Russia continue to turn away from the civilized West to a more adequate part of the planet.

A new development bank BRICS started its operation in Shanghai under our participation.

Until spring of 2016 it will start to give first credits for infrastructure projects in developing countries.

Why is it profitable for us? Developing countries protect their markets not so fanatically.

There is a place for our goods.

For example, Egypt becomes now a very important foreign market for Avtovaz.

This country is going to increase further purchases of our cars.

And countries of the West often performs the role of senseless intermediaries which are also not amicable towards Russia.

The Netherlands behave hostile towards Russia.

Local mass media openly distorts facts during the Ukrainian crisis.

And it goes without saying that it was Russia to be named as guilty without any proofs in crash of Boeing.

After more than a year from the crash, it is evident that the Netherlands confuse the situation and it allows to blame the officials in preconception who deal with the investigation.

In this situation it turns out that we not simply buy flowers in the Netherlands, we also buy flowers from Columbia in the Netherlands.

Why do we have to pay an openly hostile country not small percentage for that it repurchase flowers coming from Columbia? Because this is the way the Western colonial systems works.

Partially, because of such approach Western countries keep their relatively high level of living.

Now the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service found some quarantine organisms in Dutch flowers what would likely become a reason to prohibit supplies of flowers from the Netherlands to Russia.

The head of Federal Service Sergey Dunkvert: "We need to think about other logistics ways for those flower products which comes to Russia by transit through Holland.

It is determined by the high possibility of restrictions implementation for re-export of all flower products through the territory of the Netherlands, due to numerous cases of revelation ofquarantine objects dangerous for the agriculture".

If Columbia can hear it, we will get Columbian flowers without Dutch extra charges.

They will be fresher, because ships with flowers will go to Russia directly.

2 more examples familiar for everybody: British tea and Italian coffee.

Does tea grow in Britain? Does coffee grow in Italy? Why do we purchase tea and coffee in these countries? If the raw materials is bought in hot countries and processed in Russia, the price of the final product would be much more pleasant.

That's why thanks intermediaries which parasitized on repurchasing of goods for sanctions against Russia.

Finally, we will start to deal directly with producers.

Source: Youtube