Which are Male & Female flowers on a Bisexual Pawpaw Fruit Tree? Southern Red Variety

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If you have just 1 Pawpaw how does it pollinateitself? So these beautiful plants I'm standing under here are our bisexual southern red pawpawsand bisexual means that they produce both male and female flowers and I've just pickeda couple of flowers here just to give you a look at and these are off the same trees.

So this is the female flower and you can see this is the ovum, that's the bit that's goingto form the fruit and this is the male flower and this is all the pollen so if you takethose petals off you'll see it's just like a paint brush of pollen.

You can actuallyhand pollinate if you get your little pollen and then you can put it onto all the femaleparts of the flower that can often help with the fruit set.

You'll get nice big fruit then.

There's your female that's going to be your pawpaw.

So if you looked closely at thesetrees you can see this bunch of fruit here so these are all from female flowers and yetjust up above that is a male flower so the tree can produce different flowers as it growsand I actually saw an amazing tree in Lismore the other day that was covered in fruit thenabove the fruit were big male flowers so it's possible for the flowering of pawpaws to changeas the tree grows.

It's a little bit complicated but if your Southern Red pawpaw is producing littleflowers like this on the trunk don't be too concerned cause at some stage it will alsoproduce flowers like this which turn into your beautiful fruits.

So the pollen is inthis flower here and your little bees come along and transfer the pollen onto the femaleparts of the flower which fertilises the flower which sets fruit and gets seeds in your fruit.

You can also have trees that are only female and that will also set fruit and they usuallydon't have seeds so if you're picking seedless pawpaws off your tree it may be that yourtree is a female.

So they are really beautiful trees nice to grow they like a nice warm climateso we have actually got them planted up against a tank here and what the tank does is it givesthem reflective heat in the Winter so it actually helps them to grow through a cooler periodof the year and we are just going into Autumn here so these fruits aren't going to maturenow.

Most of these are going to hold onto the tree until the Spring and will start toripen them in the Spring.

In our subtropical climate where we get a bit of a Winter theycan also get fungal problems in the Winter so you can actually pick your fruit, put theminto water that's about 60 degrees and what that does is it kills all those fungal sporesand allows your fruit to ripen up so in that way you can pick your fruit as they come throughthe Winter before they fully ripen on the tree in the Spring.

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