WHAT IS HANAMI? (DT&ENG) ・Hanami in Fukushima! Beautiful Cherry Blossoms! / 福島の花見!桜はきれい!

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Ohanami is a compound word of the words "hana" and "miru".

"Miru" means to see and "hana" means flower.

So: "the flowers in full bloom look".

Normally make Japanese Hanami in which they consider particularly the cherry blossoms (here behind me), in the spring.

The Hanami time is about three months, she goes so far as I know from March to May.

And it depends on the area, in which one finds oneself: The flowers in the South (Okinawa, Kyushu) begin much earlier to flower, so Hanami is celebrated much earlier.

In Fukushima, where I am now, the flowers normally begin flowering in April; therefore is just the perfect time to look at them.

The Japanese go with their colleagues or school friends after school / work together to make Hanami, to places near their job or their house.

And as for me, this is here directly to my dorm! I went to "Hanamiyama" (Hanami-Berg).

This is a beautiful mountain which is so 10, 20 minutes away from here.

And it's beautiful.

Many tourists come here who come from Fukushima Prefecture to see the flowers bloom.

Japanese food gets at this time of the "Sakurageschmack".

There are delicious soft ice cream that tastes like Sakura.

Or you can Mochi, Japanese rice cake, eat that taste of the cherry blossom.

For me personally was the Caramelly Sakura Frappuccino, a beverage that Starbucks has sold, the best! Starbucks sold each year another Sakura drink.

The this year was with caramel and chocolate.

That was so incredibly delicious! I love the Sakurageschmack! If you ever to Hanami season (as now) in Japan are, Then you should definitely try the Sakurageschmack! And the food that tastes like Sakura.

(I am repeating myself, lol.

) AND: You must definitely make Hanami! This is so beautiful.

Look at the flowers, they are so adorable! Los makes Hanami! It's so stunning, I love it! So, we'll see you next time! Bye for now!.

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