Weather Report from Tulip Fields Springs

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Good afternoon, listeners.

I’m afraid I must interrupt our current programming with an important message from the weather station.

Here it is: Last night, the first peak of summer reached our small town.

This morning, she woke us up with an ardency I’m sure you all remember.

She was fresh, enticing.

We walked with springs in our steps, and shimmers in our hearts.

The world felt looser, more elastic.

We could go anywhere, do anything, and always find room to breathe.

This was a beautiful time.

It is now 3.

06 pm, and I must inform you all that the first rain of summer has now arrived.

Do not be alarmed – we may feel strange, but we will not be harmed.

She does not come to cleanse us, to wash away our world.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

She comes now to ground us, to let us push our roots a little deeper into the sweet red earth of this valley.

She is giving us the stability we will need, to face the oncoming chaos of summer.

She is cooling the air, and filling it with the scent of hot damp asphalt.

Evocative, isn’t it? This is how she works – she is bringing back our pasts, dusting our memories from the drab shrouds of the long winter.

Let her do this for you, friends.

She is making us young again.

Listen, as she hits the leaves of the fruit trees that line our streets – how many times have we heard that before? There is magic in the air, listeners, and it comes from within all of us.

It is the grace of childhood – that inner peace and simple understanding which many of us lost, ever so long ago.

Back when we knew that to know nothing was a blessing, and lost ourselves in every waking moment.

This rain will melt the chrysalis that surrounds those golden years, and let those feelings come flooding back.

Let them in.

Allow yourself to rediscover the world once again – with kindness, with softness.

With the optimism so many have stolen from you.

Here is your second chance, my friends.

In the droplets running down your window pane, there lies an opportunity to feel truly safe once more.

The summer will be loud, dear friends, so let us embrace this moment of silence.

Good afternoon, listeners.

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