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Egg hunt at Epcot, Walt Disney World! Oh, it's Donald– What's this? Mickey! Flower “The flower” is doing Yeah, “the flower” is doing It's made by flowers Hey, mom! I'm doing,“One, two three”! yeah Are you enjoying? One two three–! Anna–! who is it? Elsa–! Anna Let's start hunting the eggs yap Egg Look There is an egg! We found it– Norway Ne— I found the egg Chugoku (means China in Japanese) Chugoku? China China China–! Is that the egg? You foud it? I found it What's that? It's Simba No Simba! (you know, it's Terrible 2.

) Let's say, Germany! Germany–! Look! Italy–! You found it? Where?? America! You got it? Who is it? Mickey–! Mickey–!! It's Mickey–! Oh, Who is this? Look at there Japan! Japan Morocco! Oh, it's there Really? You already see it? Really? I found it Oh, there is! Minnie Minnie United Kingdom Yes Wow! Oh, it's mom–! (mom just got fish & chips.

Lol) Canada! Look the eyes There are many eyes Are they eyes? Look! Egg! Egg– Where is the egg? Pluto No Banbo(Banbi)–! (Yeah, it's the terrible 2.

) Let's say! Completed!! Say, “We completed the egg hunt” Let's say now We completed the egg hunt–! We thought we cmpleted with 11 eggs but.

Wait, what? I thought they are 11 in all.

What? One more egg? I didn't see this Oh, so you go hunting again, so.

Wait, what, huh? There are 11 pavillions in all? How about here? Outpost? Grrrrrrrrrr What's the outpost? So, it'll be there, right? lol Hahahaha! (They start hunting from now on, sorry!) Can you put here? Try it! Here Japan You did it– You do very well! Can't fix it? Sorry–lol Good job, wanna do them all? OK Goofy! Where was he? You can't tell them the answer! lol Here? Morocco? (Goofy was at Germany.

) So.

we headed to “Outpost” again There is–! Where where where?? Oh, now I see it! Let's place the stickers! Note:It's the game to place the stickers each time when you found the egg, originally.

Done! Good job–! Show it to Daddy TA-DA♪ We did it We did it! After completed, you can get a prize! Peace♪ What's the inside? Oh! Nothing!! Hahahahaha! Is it empty?! There is nothing—lol Dahahahaha!.

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