Watering and Caring for Container Gardens

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Just look at this container.

This was planted in the springtime and right now it's reaching a really nice colorful display of flowers that will make any patio, porch or balcony really stand out.

Now the problem with many containers that home owners plant is once they have them planted using the proper soil media, quality plant material, all that kind of thing, it's a matter of maintaining it so that this container will look good all summer and this container has the capability of looking this good, if not getting better, right up until frost and really it's not any big secret it's just a matter of the home gardener paying attention to some basic cultural techniques: one being water, the other being fertilizer.

Now water seems like a no brainer.

How much and when you water is critical for a container of any size.

As far as how much goes, a person has to understand that there's no set amount.

You should water the container with as much water as it takes so the water goes from the top of the pot and eachtime you water drips out the hole in the bottom.

This makes sure the entire soil mass is moist.

The plant can then function properly.

Putting on just a little bit of water at a time doesn't do the plant any good.

Also, when.

Obviously you can tell when the plant needs water cause it's gonna start to wilt, but once it starts to wilt that plant is under stress.

Each time if you let that happen the plant starts losing quality.

So what you need to do is if you have any doubt in your mind as to does the plant need water, does it not need water, take your water meter, which is a finger.

Stick it in the container and if the top inch or so of the soil is moist you're OK.

If it's dry, water, again, with plenty of moisture.

Now with all that water, which again is gonna be frequent for many containers as the summer gets on plants get bigger and use more water, you're watering more and more and more, you're flushing away nutrients so make sure that about every two weeks or so you apply a liquid fertilizer to replenish the nutrients that the plant needs so it can maintain this nice vibrant green color and plenty of flowers.

If you don't do that, what will happen is the plants will start to flower less, yellow foliage, plants don't look good and the container doesn't look good.

So again, a container this grand and glorious can look this grand and glorious by paying attention to proper water, putting it on in proper amounts, proper timing and don't forget about the fertilizer and you'll have a container look like this all summer long very easily.

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