Watercolor Painting – Pink Tulip – Part 3

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I'm preparing a mix of a light green: Winsor Yellow + Winsor Blue (Green Shade) + a bit of French Ultramarine.

I'm applying a water glaze on the stem.

Painting wet on wet I'm adding light green on the stem.

I'm applying it on the whole stem and later I'll add darker green as a shadow.

The stem is dry now and I'm preparing a darker green mix: Winsor Yellow + Winsor Blue + a bit of Winsor Green and French Ultramarine to make it darker.

I'm applying a water glaze agan and then I'm adding my darker green.

With a damp brush I'm lifting out the paint to make highlights.

For the leaf I'm preparing two mixes of green.

Light green: Winsor Yellow + Winsor Blue.

Dark green = light green + French Ultramarine.

I'm starting with a water glaze on the upper part of the leaf.

And I'm dropping in my greens.

A water glaze over the big part of the leaf.

I'm lifting out the paint to create highlights.

By applying more and more layers I'm gradually building up the shape of the leaf.

Thank you for watching! :).

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