Watercolor Painting – Pink Tulip – Part 1

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Hi everyone! Welcome to my next video.

This time we will paint a pink tulip.

You can download the sketch and the original photo in "show more" section under the video.

This video is long because it is mostly in real time.

I prepared a mix of Opera Rose with Permanent Rose and my warm yellow which is Winsor Yellow Deep PY65.

I'm using a round brush #4.

It's Raphael series 8408.

I applied a clear water glaze and now I'm adding my pink.

The petals of this tulip are painted in many layers.

Each layer is very thin.

We will be building up shapes gradually by adding layers of transparent paints.

Always try to soften the edges.

If you paint wet in wet the colors spread easily and make smooth transitions with other colors.

Paint each petal at a time and don't hurry.

When everything is dry completely erase the pencil lines.

Now we can add more layers of stronger colors.

The green here is a mix of Quinacridone Gold and Winsor Blue (Green Shade).

By mixing it with the pink we can get some neutral browns.

Use a mix of Ultramarine Violet with your pink to get a delicate shadow color.

Quinacridone Red.

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