Watercolor Demonstration | How to paint Purple and Yellow Iris Flowers

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Hi everybody! It’s Miriam Schulman, Schulman Art and today I am going to show you how I paint irises in water color.

And for all my Facebook fans who are disappointed last time they didn’t get to see my face here I am.

Most of the time you’re going to see my hands and the water color.

So let’s get started.

Okay, so first I’m plugging White Flower Farm, beautiful catalogue.

I hate to admit, I don’t think I’ve ordered flowers from there in a long time but I love their catalogue.

So hopefully this will plug them today and.

some gardeners out there are going to fall in love with some of these flowers want them for their own garden.

Right now I’m looking for irises.

I never copy anything exactly what I see in here.

This is just inspiration.

You’ll see it will not be infringing on the photographer’s rights at all.

I’m not tracing it.

I just look at what irises look like and.

that’s all I really do with the catalogue.

I don’t copy it.

because copying is bad.

Meanwhile, I’m the artist, not the photographer.

I think I can do a better job.

Here are some really, really pretty irises.

Okay, so here I am.

I’m ready to start drawing.

I’m going to put this into fast forward mode so you can watch me do this really fast.

Actually I’ll just let you think that that’s how.

quickly I draw.

Main thing to notice is that I.

pretty much do not take my.


off of the paper.

Okay, so first of all I’m going to get my paints ready and I had this beautiful palette,plus in addition I use a pill keeper for my.

my colors.

I’m putting in cobalt violet, Da Vinci.

It’s this color right here you have in the front.

It’s almost like a rhubarb.

And then I’m trying to get out some of this.

other color, which I really like better,but I think it’s gone.

You see the colors tend to differ by manufacturers.

I cut the back of it so I can try to squeeze some of it out.

And this is why I use my pill keeper because.

this stuff is so precious and once it dries up, forget it.

It’s gone.

You can try to.

re-wet it.

but it’s never quite as good as when it’s nice, juicy.

pigmented paint.

That’s probably all I’m going to get out of that.

And finally I have a little bit of… I forget where I put it last time… there it is.


I know you can mix this yourself but it’s very convenient to have it.

With painting, I noticed when I was using the catalogue.

You can see how different my drawing is from the catalogue.

I just picked a few flowers and I put them where I want it to be.

But you notice how there’s likethis burgundy one here and here and there’s purple and there’s yellow.

So I want to use all 3 colors.

I think that’s going to look great.

I’m using… this is called cobalt violet but you’ll see how different it is from the other cobalt violet I have.

While it’s still wet, you know how much I’d love to make things bleed.

So I’m going to go ahead and put the green.

And now look at that gorgeous bleeding happening.

I’ll put a yellow.

Good, okay.

I’m trying to remember what it was exactly I wanted to do when I drew it but it doesn’t really matter.

You can always change your mind.

You see that? I’m going to put the yellow here and I’m using both cadmium yellow and quinacridone gold.

Let’s use some paper towel to help lighten that up give me that translucent effect that that petals have.

I’m going to make this one yellow up here too.

Now for the.

flowers over here, I definitely want this purple.

Little buds.

Notice how I just skip the white.

That’s leaving the white of my paper rather than adding white.

And then put it some raw umber.

Again I’m trying to get the bleeding to happen on purpose kind of the fun of watercolor to get some very pretty bleeding effects.

That’s a little too harsh.

I’m going to tame that down with some brown.

Really, really nice.

Now in thisvideo, I’m not as concerned about teaching since this isn’t really a class.

This is just a demonstration.

In my class I’ll be sure to explain every little thing I’m doing but this is really a video I did for fun.

People like to watch other people paint whoare not artists or maybe not even.

never picked up a paint brush.

It’s just relaxing to see the colors going down.

I need more experience with my video camera.

The last video I made I accidentally deleted because I didn’t understand what I was doing.

I’m just trying to get comfortable with this and hope you’re enjoying the process.

Okay I’m going to do another yellow one over here.

That one’s looking a little greenish.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t rinse my brush or.

if my paint is contaminated.

And blotting just to get thatnice transparent effect.

And notice how you can see the leaf through the petal.

That’s on purpose because petals are really transparent.

Great! My husband and I have a yoga tape,it’s yoga zone actually and the yogi is always saying “great!” so my husband and I will walk around saying “great”.

I guess you have to be there.

Alright, a little more green.

Let’s punch this up.

And notice how I’m blotting right now, and I do a lot of blotting just to give my watercolors lots of texture.

Speaking about watching people paint.

When my sister and I were little, we used to love.

watching Bob Ross on PBS.

We weren’t painters then, well I guess I’m going to be a painter, didn’t know it but we loved watching that show.

Maybe I just loved watching the show.

Right here you can put a happy little tree.

That’s kind of what this garden is.

Make it what you want it to be.

And that’s part of what an artist’s job is to show the world the way you want them to see it and make them notice things that many may have not noticed.

And that’s true whether you’re painting politically like abstract political paintings.

You’re getting them to notice things.

Or whether you’re painting realistically, you are getting people to see the world in a different way, in an artistic way.

This video series, this is the first series I made on my own.

I also wanted to mentionto you my brother, who is a filmmaker and.

I don’t know if should say this or not butare you looking for a job right now, a filmmaker? He used to work for Say Yes to the Dress and I think he’s looking for new editing job now.

I’m not completely sure about that.

Anyway his name is Jeff Pfeiffer.

And he made me my first video on his channel, which is Jeff Pfeiffer.

And if you have a chance to look that up in his channel, it is really gorgeous.

It is a painting of nude not me nude of course, but professional model and I paint her in watercolor and it’s only about 3 minutes long after this you should have time to hop over there and check that one out.

But it’s amazing.

I think there’slike 83,000 views on that video.


Alright, for my last one, let’s seeif you can see this whole painting.

I have 2 and 2, and I never like to have too much2, 2, 2s, because it starts to look like Noah’s Ark.

You really want to have some odd numberof things to achieve a good balance.

It’s kind of like in decorating.

That’s good.

And then I want to, even though I like over here the bleeding sometimes I like to addjust a little bit extra definition.

Make sure it has nice, soft edges on the top.

Just give it a little punch.


This watercolor is going to dry really fast.

So I started doing,practicing these watercolor videos because the plan is I’m teaching an online course with 3 other artists that I recruited.

They’re not completely fully committed so I don’twant to say who it is just to save.

them and me embarrassment, just in case they bow out.

I’m really excited about this line up.

And the four of us are going to be doing tree paintings in our respective mediums.

So we’ve got a.

mixed media artist, an oil painter.

a watercolorist, and me.

I’m me and the watercolorist.

An oil painter, a mixed media painter.

acrylic, yeah.

Right now I’m mixing up a really pretty gray color.

Can you see that? Yeah.

And what I do is I don’t want to use a color that has nothing to do with the rest of my painting.

I like to do something that’s harmonious.

And the only way reallyto do that is to use the foreground colors in the background.

so I’m using the cobaltviolet that I used up here in the gray.

Let’s see if I can show you what I did.

I mixed together.

my phelon green, this one over here with the cobalt violet and it made that reallypretty gray color.

I think I need a bigger brush.

Okay, so this I want to get on fairly loose and fast.

The idea with this is that some edges are going to touch some edges are not going to touch and what happens.

even though I mixed it really well in my painting,when I put the color down on the paper, they start to separate and then you see both.

the purple and the green mixing to a lovely gray and separating into.

its colors, and that’s what makes it so beautiful.

Watercolor, I just can’t get that effect with any other medium.

And I really try with the acrylic to paint.

They have Liquitex or use a lot of water but there’s just something about watercolor that moves and separates and blendsin a way that no other medium can do.

I need to mix some more.

And then of course some of this since I put it in the same part of my pill keeper has the one brand of cobalt and pigments of the other.

And even though it’s mixed, see how the separation happens.

And mixing color it’s so important.

It’s hard to master but it’s so important todo this rather than buying tubes of paint.

Look at that texture, because it’s kindof like dyeing your hair for those of us who dye our hair or maybe you’ve seen older women who dye their hair.

When you’re young… I’m going to put a little yellow into that background here.

This is the whole point.

You’ve got to get foreground color into the backgroundcolor.

When you’re young, you have brown hair or black hair.

It’s not all one color.

It’s lots of different hairs, of different colors that when seem from afar look like one color but up close you have lots of different colors.

It’s the same principle, is true with painting that if you use color from a tube that’s all one color it looks like you just dyed your hair black.

It’s very flat.

You really need to mix colors so you’ll get all the little separations.

And that’s what’s going to make the watercolor dance,and that is what’s going to make the painting sing.

Right now I’m just sticking a little bit extra.

green into my background because I don’t like when it’s too cookie-cutterlooking like a collage.

This is watercolor.

Sometimes I'll take my.

watercolors and use them as a collage element but that’s not what we’re doing today.

Anyway, learning to mix greens, learning to mix grays, that is the essence.

of watercolor painting that I’m going to teach in my class which is going to be online, and you can findout more on Schulmanart.


I think I’m going to post the links somewhere here, right there.

I’ll see how good my editing skills are later when I go back and try to put thecaption in where my hand was.

And these watercolor classes, they’re not going to be expensive.

It’s going to be $36 not for one class but for 4 classes, which is a really great deal.

If you were to take a private class with me, I teach a semi-private class in my studio every week, those ladies pay $40 every week.

And even in my big group classes they’re paying something like $25 a class also.

But for this one, it’s going to be every 4 classesare going to be $36 and.

you can watch these videos whenever you want whether you’re in your pajamas on a Saturday morning or at night when you come home from work, and youcan watch them as many times as you want, and you can stop them when the phone ringsand restart it again.

It’s not live streaming.

You don’t have to be on a specific computer.

You can download it to your.

iPad or whatever you want.

And best of all, this is betterthan a DVD because.

you’re going to be able to talk with me.

I’m going to have an online forum where you can post your artwork if you want to You can ask me questions about colormixing, anything you want.

That’s going to be my watercolor class.

The other class, it’s also going to have me teaching water color, tree painting, but it’s also going to have 3 other artists who are just fantastic and I can’t wait to tell you who they’re going to be.

It’s just going to be so fantastic.

Okay, I’m just about done.

Let’s see what else this needs.

I think it’s pretty good.

I just want to mess it up a little.

It’s a little too precious looking in my eyes.

I’m going to take some purple.

and splatter.

Splatter up here.

I don’t know if I want too many dots in my yellow flower but.

just messing it up a bit.

I think I want a little bit of quinacridone gold too.

Good! Alright, and I usually end up… sometimes you end up with a hole right in the middle of your painting.

I’ll try to step back from the canvas step back from the painting a little bit and.

see if there’s anything else I want to change.

Sometimes it’s good just to overlay andglaze colors a little dynamic here and there set up a little bit there.


I’m done.

Thanks for joining me today.

Subscribe to my channel and you’ll get more videos upuntil my class starts and I’ll be posting videos hopefully every week.

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