[Vietsub fullshow] 130525 소향 Sohyang – Gospel Festival at Flower Garden Church (2013)

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Hello friends.

Nice to meet you here sir East stuffy scrabble.

always behold the 3rd floor Today only grade 3 students only, right? Students grade 2 and grade 3 students, right? Nice to see you, music lovers and loving God 3-storey stands here look like the concert anyway Anyway, I hope that all of us here can for God and people see all our hearts First of all I have to sing a song to make right There is a song that I am a singer in I had to think about and study a lot The first song, I was singing 'In the flower garden' Thank you First of all, there is one thing that I want to tell you This is not a song that I'm singing my Lord in So I want to say that today is a very funny but when you give yourself applause, cheering for me but instead, hope you think about the Lord has brought us here together Because I was also still think about God So I think today I come here certainly is not because I but because of you, so that you see the heart of God My nickname is alien Because when I was like what is almost as crazy I'll do it always I love God, I love watching movies, I like singing.

And while I like it, I will do to the same.

Perhaps because of this, I have that nickname The reason is because I like his dreams There are dreams, dreams that frantically, looking forward to that dream, strive towards that dream I enjoyed such things My dream is that until the day I die, I will dream and will try our best to achieve what we always wanted God told me that I let the dream and the dream God has for me.

I'm also trying to make his dream I think because I have a dream today so I can stand here And I hope that all of you here will do my best to achieve my dream.

become the skillful than me, become really great.

so that later you can tell me and others see the true picture of your great OK? You do not you? You will become better than me, are not you? You should definitely do so offline To add more power to you, here I would be singing You Raise Me Up Open from the beginning to go, please.

Do not fading early, just open it up to normal as I can do that These prepare you for how long this wrong? Huh? 1 month? How long does it? These prepare you for how long? (New Hey A) Just now, huh.

sure death always too You have this very carefully prepared, right? Practiced a lot more, right? That is also part of the dream that sir In the past I had once sung in the choir group like this At that time a lot of thought to see what I have to sing, how to practice.

Anyway, to go to get to your dream, you need to have a process The process including despair, including those failures, including those times we stumble, including the wait Dream inherently require such things So I want to tell you is, the dream has its whole process should never be discouraged Although there will be difficult to make hard, with both the pain but you try to pass it Overcome it, then one day you will achieve your dreams Certainly so The next song is one of my post, this post I used to sing a lot Once while praying.

You know POS is not it? Name My family band Sister playing keyboards in a time of prayer in the morning was reminiscent of a butterfly image and composed this song Very magic is my prayer also see that image and we have made this song Next I would like to sing the Butterfly This post will be the last post sir You remain calm, I was singing that Every time I sing this song I thought, really until the day I die, I want to live like this song so I guess you know all this.

I would like to sing Until the Lord returns Actually, I have not done what is 1% where I dreamed of you Not where sir.

Things I'm dreaming so much more than it is now I have written a novel that sir, and it will be released in January next August 7th It's a fantasy adventure novel My dream is that the latter can make a Hollywood film based caliber novel I hope you also try to come together to reach his dream, to dream that God has bestowed Also, those who stood on the stage as I can look great, but I'm completely not so I just hope this time intervals we can commemorate the grace of God We will sing to the Sky Running offline You know this, right? In the middle of this all of you know what to do then, right?.

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