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Music We're here in the High Park production greenhousewhich is one of two greenhouses we have in the city.

We grow nearly a million plants a year whichwe distribute to the parks right across the city.

We grow over a thousand varieties and as youcan see from looking around,the amazing colours and variations of plants that we have here.

These plants are Celosia.

They're an annual plant that go out into thegardens and as you can see, they are incredibily colourful.

They're an interesting plant because theyrepresent some of the trends that come and go in horticulture.

At one point these were very popular probably10 or 15 years ago.

And there's been much more interest pickedup by our gardeners and by the general public.

So I love them.

They're beautiful, they're colourful, they'rewhispy.

They have a kind of afemeral and lovely qualityto them.

And there's something really wonderful aboutworking in a greenhouse.

And being what we call "Under glass.

" And seeing these plants come from seeds tothe point that they are shipped which is about now.

This is a great example of fantastic plantingdesign.

This is one of my favourite combinations ofplants where you take the dark leaves, these leaves will drape over the pots by the endof the summer.

And contrast it with these wonderful shineyleaves of the Bagonia.

In this case, these flowers will be lightpink.

And then the later purple makes a kind ofthree colour combination that will really look spectacular by the end the summer.

And we really do have people who spend a lotof time and effort getting to know characteristics and colours of plants that these things canreally be dynamic.

We're in another one of the production greenhousesin High Park.

We have nine large production greenhouseshere.

And as you can see, we've got a totally different crop.

Hanging baskets.

The hanging baskets go out into the parks,they're distributed to the civic centres and they look fantastic.

So really, this is an example of the greatinspirational horticulture that the City of Toronto provides for its citizens and peoplevisiting Toronto.

And really the idea is to go out and get inspiredby these gardens and the great horticulture and bring home some of the high quality experiencethat they've had.

We are Horticulture City, Toronto.


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