Tulip Fever Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Alicia Vikander, Cara Delevingne Movie HD

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[Abbess]: You would have been an awful girl, on a stormy sea.

[Abbess]: Marriage is a safe harbor.

[Abbess]: love, honour and obey.

[Cornelis]: Amen.

[Sophia]: Amen.

[Jan]: I've come to paint the portrait.

[Cornelis]: they'll say 'look their at that lucky old dog'.

Didn't he have a lovely young wife.

[Sophia]: What are you looking at? [Jan]: What am I looking at? [Jan]: You are not happy, are you? [Sophia]: That painter, I don't want him back.

[Servant]: I'll tell your husband what you have been up to.

[Sophia]: What did you say? [Cornelis]: First to flower, first to fall.

[Jan]: Come away with me.

[Abbess]: Your proposition is absurd.

[Sophia]: We have thought of something we could do.

[Man]: You do really think he will carry this on? [Sophia]: We will be together.


'Can be'.


[Jan]: Sophia! [Abbess]: Mister Prater tells me you have been busy.

[Abbess]: He doesn't mean painting.

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