TULIP FESTIVAL Istanbul 🌷🌷🌷 Эмиргян Парк (eng. sub)

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(enjoying the sun) ok we will not eat those SIMITs even they are so delicious OMG my headphones not works.

seams voice also not recorded now i have a hope to see empty park( at least on a half) to show you better all beauty which it include.

But i see have empty hopes((( today as i promised to my friends i put a make up for better performance ))) unfortunately i have no one with me to make my photos so i will make selfies))) its a priceless to have good friend who know how to make best photo of you!!! (hard to go up Istanbul have too many hills) i am so saaaad.

because 1/4 of tulips already loose their petals probably about hot weather which com so early this year to Turkey it was a beautiful road with daffodils.

Some petals already looks damaged about the sun doesn't matter for now cos i love parks and like to have a walk.

i am sure i will have a good time here i have a small picnic box with me include apple and pear (sorry for the wind voice) thats what i am talk about but its not my fault))) i am so saaad it was my favorite color – violet this is unfair and now you can see huge Bosphorus this is a museum where you can check all types of tulips presented here i found my favorite type i guess i need to make stop.

for selfie))) pity that my monopod for phone didn't come to me yet simply will use my arm again))).

And kids.

How we can forget about them) and for sure – its not a good blog.

if its not include cats come here kitty stop 'meow' come i will hold you ok if you don't want.

bye bye i met a man here oh no i don't met him like a date he just make his photos and propose make mine (all photos with "closed eyes') i am so happy to have normal photos ) to be honest i am not photo-maniak i don't have wish to make photos everywhere I've better make nature photos or sightseeing (i am sorry for voices.

What can i do?) people taking care about tulips take a look on it? awesome isn't it? I am delighted next time i would like to visit Netherlands there is also such a tulip festival as i know but much bigger?! but what can be more good than istanbul? i don't know))) i am again change subjects so fast.

welcome to my world =) so about photos: my mom has her own opinion so she don't care about any beautiful and interesting things all over world she care just me "i have just one daughter and i wanna see here bright and smily photos" so everywhere I've been i make photos for mom.

and not just for mom (shy) btw tulips its my mom's favorite flowers unfortunately 2 year she can't come with me here but i swear i will take her with me next time cos my MOM is the best in the world (as your mom as well) and she should be here cos she deserve it more than me! we will check weather and will come to see 100% tulip not like now((( about this petals problem pictures from tulips don't looks decent and full last year i was 1 week later than now and all tulips was on their place i have a Facebook album about this trip i still feel bad when i go upstairs i guess when i will be 65 kilo this problem, go away but not this time.

anyway – i will not come down from the race.

and will have my HEALTHY body back 💪 again photo-minute for me 😽 in real life its looks breathtaking security protect tulips from damagine and cut by people this lake i see first time small false waterfall i love animals but i haven't nuts with me just apple and pear and i am GREEDY))) this is joke i remember i have photos from here i will try another way.

Maybe not that loud with kids such an amazing kinds of tulips here i am sorry sometimes its hard to find russian words in my brain when your brain think in english 😤 how they make them, ha? hopefully you can see this 2 swan its kids day i guess i guess they come from school to this park to have rest before, as i remember, cars were not allowed to this park.

I like pinky tulips and what a smell here ( good i mean) those pink tulips this park has his own history unfortunately i don't know it well so better to don't create stories by myself.

and just enjoy views who do this selective job? how to create such a beauty?.

i speak about tulips 😉 OMG.

Look those even not opened yet.

such a strange time so hot.

and i sweat a little and i know why.

cos backpack had his own special textile to keep my spine from hit.

if i fall down i wish i don't have white spots there 😝 cos later on i will move to another place.

and need be dressed well maybe i will bought a dress and will wear it with sport shoes fashion queen 😄😄😄 selfie-stop its a 5th place with my favorite type of tulip i must to find a name of and bought some to bring home to mom) going more up to hill side of a park russian girls also visiting this park today but they make a photo against the SUN its a crime against a photography 😜 i found a young company ))) just tried to make video here about marathon.

bad luck – too many people, too loud like a hand there is tulip-market last year i didn't go so far i goes there to the fountain hard to make good photos and video while here a lot of people and all of them want to be at your photo))) here it is – names with QR codes ( info about tulips) finally !!! those looks completely like a symbol of Istanbul (checking camera) sorry.

so need to go out slowly but first fountain area! to be honest, i am happy to come here early in the morning i am sure 1 hour later here will be so crowded.

and will be complicated to make good video people don't want go early cos everybody go to work traffic, no free sits in transport.

somone come by car i am without car this time.

and really istanbul its not a place for enjoying driving or being in traffic 2-3 hours look i think its the best and pine-trees.

My favourite thats why i like this park 🌱🌱🌱 maybe i also want to be a kid and run across.


Laughing but age and education dont let me do this ))) is red fits me? this is very expensive cafeteria and not tasty food so many people like me with backpacks and carry they food and stuff with them comfortable why? why they scream so much near me? maybe we want to listen voice of water.

it clean our energy.

And give us wellbeing.

what was that? wellbeing.

Haha Thank you for watching! if you like to watch my travel videos let me know.

and i will put english subtitles or film in english ;).

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