Tropical Water Lily – Red Cup Lilies – 3/6

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So, this is greenhouse A2.

>> A2.

>> Pond A, pond B.

>> How many greenhouses in here,in this row? >> Well, we've got 13 pond sets,and 8 greenhouses.

This is Nymphoides cristatathat you see blooming there.

>> Very cool.

>> Don't step on the frogs,they're hopping around.

>> Step on him?I'm gonna catch him, where'd he go? >> In the last pond, when wewere talking about Red Flare, I had a fish nibbling on mytoes while we were doing that.

>> [LAUGH]>> This is Red Cup, and it's a seedling of Red Flare.

>> I might as well just come in,I mean I'm already wet.

Oh, there's a plant right there.

>> Yep, that happens.

>> This one smells sweeter.

Than the Red Flare andthe other one, the Maroon Beauty.

>> It does.

So the Red Cup never opens,it's called cup.

It was hybridized by Kirk Strawn.

>> Strawn,is there an approximate year? >> In Texas in 1986.

>> 86, so it's new.

>> And a seedling of Red Flare,and the reason we selected it out, it's almost as dark as Red Flare.

>> Very close, yeah.

>> And it doesn't open as much, which is why he called it Red Cup.

But he selected it out becauseit's extremely robust.

>> Flowers and->> Very strong growing, very good bloomer,winters over very well.

>> To what temperature? >> Well, definitely southernCalifornia is no issue at all, but I would say->> Like Arizona, Florida of course, Texas.

>> I would sayprobably a zone eight.

I don't know if it would winterover in a zone seven, but it might.

>> Really cool,what size pot is this one in? >> It's in eight by five,just like the other starter pots.

>> Okay.

>> So, as you can see, it's got onebloom and three buds coming up, which is very good for a->> That's robust.

>> For a small plant.

>> Yeah.

>> Which, basically,this is a starter plant.

>> So,can the leaves get bigger than this? >> Oh yeah, absolutely.

>> Up to what size? Kinda the same as the other ones? >> Yeah 14, 15 inches.

>> Okay,it's really cool how they just hybridize it andchange it just a little bit.

I mean, that's pretty fun.

What do you think the naturalpredator was in the wild? Was it a fish that madethem have the sharp leaves? >> Probably.

It couldn't be anythingtoo tough because that's not going to keepoff a determined predator.

>> Right.

But it's super cool.

So, 1986, that's great.

>> Relatively recent.

>> Right.

>> Yeah, it is.

>> In a full spectrum of it,so we did Maroon Beauty, we did the Red Flare,and we did this.

This is most of the redvarieties that are available, or at least that you have in stock? >> That we have in stock.

Yeah, we try to pick outthe ones that are going to do the best for people.

>> Right,that makes a whole lot of sense.

>> And the reason we picked RedFlare is because it's so awesome.

>> [LAUGH] Okay, even thoughit's the harder one to do.

>> Yeah.

>> So just to be clear, the RedFlare is 30s, Maroon Beauty 50s? >> Yeah.

>> Right? And this is almost the 90s.

>> Yeah, 86.

>> Okay, how long does it taketo hybridize one of these guys? I mean,is it ten years of doing stuff or? >> Most people do it accidentally.

They don't even do it on purpose.

They just have a largenumber of plants, and these are promiscuous plants.

>> [LAUGH]>> And then seedlings pop up here andthere, and out of thousands of seedlings youmight find one that's worth keeping.

>> I thought that, like,a scientist, and like, trying to- >> Well, they do that, too.

>> Oh, okay.

>> But people have just asmuch luck with the bees.

>> It's pretty cool when they justcall it an accident, and they go, well, I hybridized this.

>> Right.

>> Yeah, on accident.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> All right, cool.

>> Yeah, Perry Slocum said that thebees did most of his work for him.

>> Great, well that's gonnaconclude our red episode.

I mean, everyone needs to havea red one in their pond, right? >> Everyone does.

>> [LAUGH] Everyone needs it.

I hope we dispelled a littlebit of the myths because I think everyone should have a nightbloomer in their pond, right? >> I do.

>> Or multiple.

>> At least one.

>> That's the one they're gonna do.

And the red, I think, contrastswith everything else really well.

All right, man,this was really cool.

>> It's a rich, deep color, and thenwe have pinks, and we have white.

>> Well,let's move on to another topic.

Lets get out of here,my feet are getting wrinkly.

>> Okay, you got it.

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