Tropical Water Lilies – Emily Grant Lily – 4/6

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Which greenhouse is this? >> Okay, now this is A3>> A3.

>> And, Eric I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to get your feetwet again.

>> All right.

>> I'd like you to meet somebody.

>> I don't even care anymore.

It's actually getting fun now.

>> This is Emily Grant Hutchings.

>> Oh my gosh she's beautiful! >> She is my favorite pink.

She is beautiful.

>> She's massive.

>> Yeah, in another month,she'll be much more massive.

Now, in real life Emilymight not have liked to hear you say that she was massive, butI don't think this Emily will care.

>> What size pot is that? >> This is a 16 by 7 inch pot.

Oh, that's good size pot.

>> And, this is one thatthey can really grow into.

You can always plant one ina bigger pot than this, and it will appreciate it,but it will do just fine.

>> So these are the same leaf,right? >> Yeah, this is a newer leaf.

This is a little bit older leaf.

And, as you can see->> That's a great look in a pond.

>> It's a->> Two different colors.

>> It's a bronzy look, but it's a lighter bronze than you foundin the Maroon Beauty, in the red.

>> Night bloomer, right? Even though it's daytime.

>> Even though it's daytime, it's9 o'clock, it's still fully open, 9 in the morning.

>> Let me smell her.

>> It's coffee time.

>> Emily smells beautiful, too.

So, Emily Grant Hutchings washybridized by George Pring.

Came out in 1922, so->> '22? >> '22.

It's a->> Okay George, I gotta remember this guy's name,too.

I know the Slocums, the and Nelson.

>> Yeah, George Pring.

And, it came asa seedling out of C.


Hutchings, which was her husband.

And they were friendswith George Pring.

In Missouri George Pringwas a famous hybridizer at Missouri Botanical Garden.

And- >> Like a scientific hybridizer or an accidental hybridizer? >> Yeah, he was more ofan intentional hybridizer.

>> Okay.

>> Yes, he did a lot of intentional hybridizing rather thanaccidental bee pollinating.

So, she was a seedling off of whatwas named after her husband, so it was kind of natural forPring to name it after her.

She was also famous back thenin her own right because she.

Wrote a book, andshe wrote it as the medium for Mark Twain through a weegie board after he died.

>> What? >> [LAUGH]>> That's wicked! >> So, she's probably more famousthan that, than she is for the water lily.

But- >> I'm gonna have to check that one out.

>> Yeah.

>> Emily Grant.

>> She->> So she was into weegie boards? >> Yeah, she communicated with MarkTwain through the ouija board and wrote an entire bookthrough the weegie board.

>> That is a cool story forwater gardening.

>> [LAUGH]>> I mean, I never even heard such a thing.

>> You never even know [LAUGH].

>> So 1922, okay.

>> Yeah, it was in 1917that she wrote the book.

>> Okay.

>> Well, that Mark Twain wrote the bookafter he was dead [LAUGH].

>> Mind blown right now.

This is amazing.

>> So->> So George Prune you said, right? Is that right?>> Pring.

>> Pring, George Pring.

>> P-R, like Pringles potato chips.

>> Pringles, okay.

>> George Pring.

>> So once again, so this is a nightbloomer, but it's kind of red, but it's pink.

>> Right.

>> But, it's kind of a cross becauseit has the green leaves, but they come up kind of bronze.

That's what I'm kindof getting from- >> Right, it's in-between.

>> Yeah,from our talk from the reds.

>> It's in-between.

>> We're moving towards->> The white will have green leaves, the red will have more red leaves,and the pink is in-between.

>> We have another,you have another pink, right? >> Yes, we do have another pink.

>> Okay, I just don't know ifI wanna leave Emily yet and move to the other pink.

Yeah, I'm kindamesmerized right now.

>> It is very cool.

>> All right,let's go check out the other pink.

>> Okay.

>> Where's she at? Is she a she? The other pink? >> She is an it.

>> An it, okay.

>> State of Texas, Texas Shell Pink.

>> All right, let's go find out,let's go to Texas.

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