Traditional bridal hairstyle poo jadai alankaram with fresh flowers for Navratri | Sudha Balaji

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In an earlier video I said I would upload how to make fresh flower decoration called vanki pinnal This is a traditional vanki pinnal ( poo jadai ) For this first the plaits should be made tight Mullai ( Arabian jasmine ) flowers are inserted in the gaps where the strands meet This is called vanki pinnal needle When I was young, this was available and made from tin I got an idea and made it from chemical clay This hairstyle should be made with mullai buds Poo jadai is beautiful when made with flower buds This is a simple flower decoration for hair This flower decoration can be used for Navratri decoration, Varalakshmi Pooja decoration Functions like seemantham , valaikappu ( baby showers ) It is very beautiful and is weightless also A wedding reception hairstyle also.

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