TOMBOLO – Fiorellino con buchini – Parte 1

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Hello everyone, i'm emanuele Bonaglia and welcome in my diary, before the video begin I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays on my part.

then I leave you finally the video on the flower with little holes.

obviously I thought to draw up several videos on the little flower, because I think it is a quite particularly flower which can be worked with many variants and so I decided to analyze itprecisely in detail in every little part.

I hope you'll enjoy it and see you soon.

In Today's video , we will finally analyze the little flower with the holes.

the first thing you should say on the flower is that it can It is performed with a number of different pairs depending on its size.

after that the first thing to do is figure out where to start it, First we must make a cordetta which will be the seed of the flower, its structure, its skeleton if we say.

This type of flower is alwaysthen began to the root petal at the narrowest part that constitutes the beginning and the end of the petal.

we put a pin at this point which is at theinner circle, the seed and the part closer Petal, that is the beginning.

On this pin we will go to position 2 couples which will serve just as I said, forthe inner circle.

In this Video i will show you how to make this circle the little hole and the hanging and how to divide a petal from another.

we begin to do the cordetta, and we put a pin in the middle of the pairscircle, This way this will allow us not to miss the start when we're going to take itwith the hook.

we see this step in detail.

we placed on apin, 2 pairs and I made two points of cordetta.

we put a pin on the circleand we put couples riding needleand do the cordetta.

what is this needle and why I put it in thecordetta.

I put it in the middle of the cordetta because that way when I'm going toattack at the beginning to close the circle, the cordetta wont run, so Ihelp in engaging, obviously with other pins.

I finished and the cordettahook it at the beginning, then we take the hook, we remove the pin and we see that the cordettaIt remained intact, just because I used the pin.

we enter with the hook and takea thread of a spindle, pull out the ring to put the bobbin and put theother, in this way.

Closing Up accompanying the ring and the starting point, put it back.

Now this pin that is no longer needed, we remove it and put it back behind the cordetta.

of thesetwo pins we will place all couples that will serve us for processing.

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