Tips To Make Flowers Last Longer And Flower Preservative Recipe

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how to make flowers last longer flower preservative recipe longer lasting bouquets hi it's AlaskaGranny did someonesurprise you with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers perhaps you treated yourself well I'mgoing to show you tips to make your flowers last as long as possible carefully unwrap your flowers and place the ends down under the water then you want totrim off about an inch but you want to cut the flower stems under the water so that you don'tforce any air into the stem then you want to remove any leaves that are belowthe level of the water while your flowers are still in the water if youdon't have find one of the little packets of a freshener inside yourflowers here's a simple way to make your own forevery one quart of filtered water if you have filtered use it you're going to add3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar use something long to stir until it is all dissolved you simply pour the flower preservative mixture into your face and addyour flowers arrange the flower bouquet the way that you like and be sure to continue to addwater to them periodically and your flowers should last your bouquet shouldgive you much enjoyment for one two or even three weeks depending on the variety offlowers that you choose try it learn more at alaskagranny.

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