Tips on Picking the flowers for your Las Vegas wedding

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Julie Nourish here I'm making a video to explain the process for ordering flowers for your wedding here in Las Vegas I am the owner of Custom Las Vegas Weddingsit's a las Vegas weddings and as a part of my service to clientsoffer flowers A lot of couples, brides especially have grand ideas for the flowers they want for their wedding.

they oftentimes get ideas through looking online at the different flower bouquetsthat are available through Google or friends send them a picture perhaps if you're one of those and and you really don't know what yourbudget is, I've written an article and will write a series of wedding articles about wedding flower bouquets.

about picking out the flowers,understanding all the different elements thatyou'll run into it with the flower planning and picking process.

It's not always as easy is it seems, sometimesflowers are not in season when you want them, sometimes you have anidea that you want a specific color and is not available unless you specialorder it and that could be expensive, so there's alot of different tips you need to know about picking flowers out for your wedding,if you just wanting a small bouquet or just want to order a simple weddingbouquet I have all kinds of different choicesand I work with a wonderful vendor here in Las Vegas, awonderful florist and will be able to provide you a lot of wonderful advice about picking theflowers that you need for your special day.

So visit my site, visit the floral shop and see the different packages that wehave that will meet your needs and already have flowers within the wedding packages.

Have a wonderful day! up.

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