The Mari-flower garden´s conspicuous voyage at the centre of a fertile mind-mint

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In honor of my friend Mariana Flor The Mari-flower Garden's conspicuous voyage at the center of a fertile mind-mint I have a small plant, a lot, a garden integer maryjane-flowers and vegetables.

Plants in the garden glad, joyful lie gladden the heart, lie blissfully happy, many, rejoice me, rejoice me the mind do not lie.

If not lie gladden me, Marian-flowers and Marian-janes.

Vegetables only just lie to mind Marian-flowers happy-happy only bring to mind lurid stories of burning times of travel from the mind travels.

I lie when I think of the mind trips were due only to plant lies the roiling smoke grown from seeds that desuniram earth suddenly to meet the fire – The Friend Impatient.

I would like to take an eloquent moment a garden full of Marian and janes to cover smoke this indecent world of red stars, shooting and incompetent, and me blind for a moment, I wanted forever, of future woes caused then by puppets guided by a different journey, who lie, who lie, lie.

In the mind lies, I think different, plants that me smile make me attractive invitations and reign in my acolytes garden Janes in control of everything and controlled in mind.

I wanted to have a little plant, a vegetable garden and Marian-janes, would water with love flowers, trust more than in people, anestesiaria my pains and Dolores, my anestesiaria Burning mind.

Until one day, I will return the trip and wake suddenly, in my garden there will be nothing, or remains, no lies, no flowers or seeds.

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