The Language of Flowers with Sharon Ramel

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Welcome, Sharon Ramel with you from the couch.

Have you ever considered the language of flowers? It is springtime here in Australia you can't actually see that underneath my top i'm wearing beautiful pants which are filled with flowers.

Flowers are loved all over the world and flowers have the secret meaning all of their very very own.

Messages and meanings for different kinds of flowers became very popular in the Victorian times within our culture.

And still carry on to this day, secret messages about love relationships were sent undercover to secret lovers through bouquets of flowers declaring their love, undying passion or even ending their affair.

All in the nature and the realm of the heart.

If you have a look at the Japanese and the beautiful work they do with the flower arrangements! In the nature of the realm of the heart we see flowers everywhere.

Generally white for purity, yellow for jealousy, red for love and passion.

For all cultures all times adore and honor the beauty the language of flowers.

Think about them next time you see a flower walking around your neighborhood.

Blessings from the couch.

Source: Youtube