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Learn to create a Summer-inspired flower giftbag! The arrangement is very playful as we mixedflowers of different colours, shapes and sizes.

You can incorporate fresh-cut flowers fromthe garden like roses, hydrangea or Sweet William.

This floral gift bag makes a perfect hostessgift or birthday present.

We used our free printable gift bag, whichyou can download on our website, but any other sturdy gift bag works fine as well.

Soak the floral foam in lukewarm water for1 hour.

Then take the foam out of the water and letdrain for 30 minutes.

The foam should be wet, but not dripping.

Cut the foam so it fits into the bag.

Lay a sheet of cellophane on two sheets oftissue paper and put the foam in the middle.

Wrap the sheets around the foam and carefullyplace it inside the bag.

Using garden shears cut the asparagus intosmaller segments and insert them into the foam.

Put the tallest asparagus branch in the middleand add the other segments evenly around.

Remove the leaves from the flower stems and,using a florist knife, cut the stems at a flat angle to a length of approximately 35centimetres – that’s 14 inches.

Place the roses in opposite corners.

Add the hydrangea, and then fill in the otherflowers and lady’s mantle.

Constantly turn the arrangement to find barespots.

Since this arrangement is less formal, youcan play with different heights and group flowers to create visual accents.

To water the arrangement, take the foam withthe flowers out of the bag and let it sit in a bowl filled with fresh water for 30 minutes.

Repeat this process every two days.

To keep the flowers fresh even longer, don’tdisplay the bouquet in direct sunlight.

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