Spring Always Comes Around – Tulip Centerpiece

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in this video we're going to show you how to make this darling tulip centerpiece I think you'll have a lot of fun with it it just easy just pieces we seem together to make the leaves and I think you'll a bit to make your dimensional pieces put a zerox of your pattern on top of two pieces of fabric that are right sides together then polyester bonded batting so on the solid outside line cut on the outside dashed line take your paper out and turn it right side out we do it for this part of the flowers well and press it and just do them all mass-produced and they turn out great ok now we're going to paper piece and we placed our fabric number one right side away so that all of area one is covered now this is where we get the dimension which is so cool we've taken a piece of fabric with dimensions are in the pattern and we've folded it diagonal and then again and then what we're going to do is hold it up to the light to put the point right arm at dash line and of course all of your fabrics on the unprinted side and then just hold it up to the light and make sure it's right on that point then you're going to turn it over and machine-based where the tulip meet this scene and your that's going to transfer the location of those pedals to the fabric side and we got our pre-made pieces and we're going to put the open edges a quarter of an inch past that basting now I always put the same one down first so that when they're all put together you get a whole different design going on if they're this seemed to help in that to secure it then I'm going to paper peace foundation piece two and three click the extract of the scene which will be quite a bit with this right and then foundation piece four and five clip the extra out of the seem and i'll show you what that looks like ok those sides are done i can again based where this part of the flower come to the scene that will locate it to this side and then place the raw edge quarter of an inch past that line pin it and then with my background fabric i'm going to paper piece or foundation piece this whole piece so that even these side leaves are based ok and then we'll show you the next part now we finished paper piecing and I held it up to the window and I marked these two lines for the stem then I've taken a piece of my green it's not on the bias on the straight and cut it the dimensions are in the pattern fold it wrong sides together and I'm i'm going to put it along the right side the two raw edges along the right line and I can pin it's a little day and then i'm going to so it's actually smaller than a quarter of an inch it actually comes out to be this second line right here that is the stitching line to kind of experiment with your sewing machine what will put it on that line and so it straight down then the folded part will go over the raw edges like that and then I'll just blind stitch and press it blank pitched a little folded edge these folds down k and then i'll show you the rest ok we put our completed pieced top on top of green for the whole thing house green facing and batting so on the outside solid line cut on the outside dash line we left this open and we took the paper out and where to turn it right side out through that opening and press it and then what we'll do is Mark the leaves between you have a nice markings you get it exact and then sew it together look how cool this is coming ok we're going to show you with it all day because I think you really want to see it now it's finished we've seemed all leave together and just make such a great design you can download this pattern for two dollars on our website.

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