South African Flower Bulbs : Calla Lily Exotic Flower Bulbs

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South African plants have been around theworld and back.

They're just beautiful in your garden, they will grow in any climate.

My favorite all type South African plants are Calla Lilies.

The Americans are the onlypeople that call them Calla Lilies.

Everywhere else in the world they are called ZantedeschiaAethiopica or Zantedeschia or Aethiopicas.

So their different names all over the world.

So the Green Goddess is a Aeithiopica, they also call it a Zantedeschia Aeithiopica, andit will grow in sun or shade wet or dry conditions almost any where.

They'll bloom sporadicallyyear round.

They are just and easy, easy South African plant.

The Giant White Call is thetraditional White Calla Lily and it will do center change wet or dry conditions.

It willgrow almost any where as well.

But it the warmer climates where it is really hot, Iwould put them in shade because they can sunburn but in the Northwest we can get away withputting them almost anywhere.

So remember when your planting Calla Lilies that the ZantedeschiaAethiopica, the colored varieties in the Northwest need to be in full hot sun all day becausethey will not bloom in the shade and they might rot out if they're to wet.

So they needhot sun and good drainage and they'll come back year after year and you'll never loosethem.

When your planting the colored Cali Lilies, remember the eyes go up, there's abulls eyed side so the eyes go up and when in doubt go side ways.

So you plant them aboutthree inches deep and the key again is full hot sun because they won't bloom in the shade.

An easy way to tell the difference between the two different varieties is the coloredCali that need the sun are more round like the sun and the green and the white Cali thatcan do the rain and shade look like a big raindrop.

So when I'm looking at my bulbs,you can tell the difference.

They're two different families of plants, their not even relatedto each other.

You cannot cross a large Cali with a small Cali; they will not cross becausethey live in different conditions.

So this flame Cali is just a gorgeous Cali, but rememberagain the colored ones need to have full hot sun and good drainage and they will survivemild winters no problem even our harder winters in the Northwest.

But if you live in the colderclimates like the Midwest or the East Coast, make sure and dig them up and just throw themin the garage for the winter, or leave them in the post or put them in a paper bag.

Butagain in they are a round bulb, the eyes go up and they need sun.

If the bulb looks likea raindrop it can handle the rain it can handle wet conditions.

Calla Lilies are a South Africanbulb that we're very familiar with and they're really easy to grow as long as you know thedifference.

The big green and white ones can do the center shade, wet or dry, but the coloredones really need full hot sun and dry conditions.

Their all gorgeous South African plants thatwill be a great addition to your garden.

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