S.O.F II Ep 01 | Sisters Over Flowers II

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【Flower Group long time no see】 【a new journey is soon to begin】 【destination: all the way to south】 【to find the meaning of journey】 【and being fashionable】 【Mexico Peru Argentina】 【you are goooood】 【feel the splendid culture of Mayan】 【I love going on a journey】 【mysterious Amazon field, here we come】 【feel the passion in tango】 and then it's south pole 【YOUTH IS HERE, FREENESS IS ON THE WAY!】 【knock knock】 【Beijing, Song Dandan's house】 -hi -hi Dandan 【Queen of comedy】 【Song Dandan, 55 years old, actress, leading on many wonderful shows and sketches】 【tired】 -I'm exhausted -【director and camera: BaTu】 -tiring -It's not easy packing.

I don't what they'd bring -I only have two cases -let me see -Are they bringing much more? 【neat】 I've been an actress since I was 20.

35 years has passed.

I'm good at nothing but packing 【I'm an expert】 Do you know why It's just packing my way to the shooting crew and packing my way back home I thought that I'd bring less, it's not like I'd wear better than Zhiling, Wang Lin or Jiang Yan -that's all -that's all -close them later -OK -and I'm good to go it's pistachio 【virtuous woman】 【Jiang Yan, 30 years old, actress】 【thoughtful and happy, warm-hearted, virtuos and good at DIY】 【Beijing, Jiang Yan's house】 【hand-made snakes】 【languish】 do I look like I've been up all night? Shooting shows is less work 【a happy and pretty cook】 Big Fattie (lil' plumppy) has ten minutes left I'm bringing you many many things to eat, please take care of me 【Shanghai, Wanglin's house】 At last a little case, that's all I'll bring 2 and a half cases this time, for clothes of all seasons, including down coat for the very cold south pole 【capricious Aunt Xue】 【Wang Lin, 46 years old, actress】 【ta-da】 high level of hairdressing.

【nice ad】 smells good, nice, I'll bring it along I bought these noodles, for what you know to revenge.

Remember last year when I was in Sicily, Italy? here are some instant noodles, 100 euro for 2 boxes, you want them or not 【painful memory: spent 100 on two bowls of noodles】 Over 300 yuan? You guys are good 【prepared】 I must earn my money back from you.

100 US dollars for one bowl 【you sure can talk】 【touching sisterhood】 Of course I won't do this to my partners, they are family I have another thing that could make money.

Plaster, kicks in super quickly if she needs it, she'd have to pay for it.

I don't have that many 【where is the sisterhood?】 Of course I won't do this to my partners, they are family 【you want to earn money from me?】 Dandan is coming this time, it's hard to earn money from her.

She'd yell these two are for emergency, I'll sell them by drops.

All for money, money is all all, you know, all 【so you can buy me some fancy food~】 【Shanghai, hotel where Jin Chen lives】 -Jin Chen 【Jin Chen, 26 years old, actress, model】 【silly beauty】 【good at dancing, easy on looking, sloppy on living】 -hi -I'll shoot you packing 【embarrassed】 I don't know if there is any room for you 【live from a girl's room】 I'm going crazy -are these all you're gonna bring -Yes -the shoes are really messy as long as they go with each other, so I'll only bring one pair for one style -I'm usually a lazy person, doing my hair or something like that.

But I'll take it, to not make myself too ugly.

-Like now -Yup 【please don't tell】 【the mess you made, the mess you clean】 【Taipei, house of Lin Zhiling】 it comes one time of a year for me to pack for <s></s> 【Lin Zhiling, 42 years old, actress, model】 【people's goddess】 I was super looking forward, but I didn't know what to bring.

I searched it and it turned out that I'd bring all things water-proofed.

So my boots are waterproof even in the inside, and my gloves, and my pants, and my clothes which are super sealed to keep you warm and all kinds of sick wool socks 【goddess's new look show of 2017】 poor porters, thank you in advance, Zhiling really appreciates you all 【Seoul, Henry's house】 【director and camera: Henry】 hello 【fresh meat with attitude】 【Liu Xianhua, 27 years old, singer, actor】 【cute music prince, open, delight handsome boy】 【director and camera: Henry】 so tired.

There are many to bring and I wrote them all down here.

I almost finished packing there may be much sun where we are going, so I'll bring these 【#sunglasses beauty Henry#】 but I don't know if the other sisters would think it silly seeing me wearing these 【simple wish】 I hope they'd like me 【#music prince Henry#】 I almost forgot to bring my guitar If the girls aren't happy, I'll go like 【wow~ tomorrow we are going somewhere】 【I'm a little scared】 【but I shouldn't be 'cause they are all goddesses】 【do you like this cutie oppa】 Because I'm the boy here, I'm oppa (big brother) (we Asians have a thing with big brothers you know.

) 【five ladies and one boy are all ready, where is the other guy and what is waiting for him?】 【International Airport of Pudong, Shanghai】 【4 hours before leaving for the "flower journey"】 【Main director and Li Zhiling's manager have planned a trick on him one week earlier】 -just go as we discussed, all right? -I'll try 【hidden cameras】 【last man in the group Li Zhiting finally arrived】 watch out, he is coming 【this main "heaver" soley expected an AD shooting in Shanghai】 【Li's connecting director】 we'll be there in 45 minutes 【trick counts down】 【the crew is preparing】 【cameras everywhere】 【the moment is coming】 Li Zhiting is waiting down there just do your things 【here he comes】 【friendly says hello】 【falling into trap】 -let's start now -OK -the time is limited 【our crew is watching in the other room】 【we'd love to watch】 -you have any friends in Shanghai -a few 【WeChatting with main director】 Director Li, we were just talking about you, we were in Italy this time of last year I'm shooting an AD in Shanghai for one day I'll go back to HK later so I can't say hi in person what, you are in Shanghai? I'm in HK now 【experienced liar】 I was hoping to grab some food with you 【making me darker?】 Instead of Yeti, I look like an older lady staying up for 2 weeks playing mahjong Not two weeks 【our crew is LMPOing now】 【what's that for?】 It's for recording our working process 【Not convinced】 Tao, what's that for, you know? 【manager managing】 Bonus clips -you've proved it -right -OK so chilly -do you have some kind of little warm blowing thing -we've only got cold wind 【are you kidding me?】 -only cold ones -right -OK that's fine, let's begin 【fake director directing】 let's warm up first, since it's cold here.

We'll give you some music, and you give us some kind of Amazon wild dace 【with sexy and flirty eyes】 【gave up fighting: bows to director's demands】 I'll do my best, sir 【what's that!】 【This must be the funnies "movie" that I've ever seen】 are you sure about this -are we shooting video or pictures? 【requesting again】 -videos 【totally confused】 【what's he looking at?】 Just relax and free yourself 【looking for manager】 Where is Tao 【requesting again】 -why -nothing, I'm just wondering what's that new camera for -they are all ours 【how many bonus clips do you need?】 -all for bonus clips? -yes, please relax come on, warm up first 【breaking out】 【crazy moves】 【totally freed himself】 【here are for your crazy memes】 OK cut 【now is ad time】 let's get the ID first, clean up the worries, fly with freeness -action -clean up the worries, fly with freedown -good, cut 【all the crew is retreating】 【confused】 all gone -sorry we got to go -【Li Zhiting is left all alone】 all gone 【where are you my manager?】 Tao 【a figure suddenly appears】 【Li's connecting director from first season】 Jingneng Sisters Over Flowers season 2 tricking Li Zhiting succeeded 【still confused】 Hi, now we are leaving because you are still our heaver this season 【wait what? no one told me that】 【Li was supposed to go to Iceland for work today】 -I have work in Iceland -You can go there later 【what are you saying】 You manager changed your schedule and didn't tell you 【lied by manager】 your ticket is ready and we have your passport 【urgent: the plane is leaving soon】 and this plane is leaving 【say all too late】 I can't go, I really can't -it's fine -No, stop shooting for a sec, I'm not kidding, I can't go -you must go with us -I can't, I have no luggage, nothing Luggage? You can buy everything there 【seriously?】 【main director】 there's something wrong with you people -you know who is waiting for you there -who -Lin Zhiling 【Zhiling's waiting for you in Mexico】 -I'm sorry Zhiling -she is waiting 【all for Zhiling】 God, go away, I gotta go 【two hours before leaving】 -where are my clothes -we got it.

you can just leave, get in the car.

We packed everything for you over here -you have my backpack -yes 【still thinking about food】 -I missed Pan-Fried Bun -we got you 【refusing to accept the fact of being "kidnapped"】 【still confused】 let me get this straight 【thinking about sister】 -when did Zhiling arrive -you'll pick her up tomorrow -so not arrived yet -her plane has not landed 【wig is going into his mouth】 Sir, we're in a hurry, please let's go, thank you -here are your clothes -【good manners】 thank you.

Did I just say thank you to you guys -bag -have you checked in for me -yes, we have.

And like last time, here is your money 【smile at money】 -you were saying how to tour in Mexico -【you guys】 oh my god 【you are really going】 we are sweet this time, here is your phone card I was already suspecting, I'm telling you, no kidding 【and no use】 -why -you guys are, really 【Li Zhiting is heading to airport】 -so 200 US dollars for each day -100 for each one per day and we don't have to pay for any hotels, right? That's much better -and Zhiling doesn't know I'm coming -No -then don't tell her 【naughty as our crew】 -are you pranking on her -no, it's just since you've played this way, let's surprise her tomorrow 【plans to surprise Zhiling in Airport of Mexico】 -make sure it's a surprise instead of shock next round of "kidnapping" 【surprise is everywhere, harvest is everywhere】 【Li arrived】 -see you sir -see you if I can come back 【Li Zhiting going to Mexico ahead of all】 【the rest of the group arrived at Shanghai】 【the same night, hotel in Shanghai】 【flower heaver Henry becomes a cute waiter】 I'm meeting sisters now and I have an idea of pretending to be the delivering guy, like putting that here They ordered some food and I'm sending them now.

Let's see if they can recognise me 【what will it be?】 【going over the lines】 good evening, here are your fruits 【with worrying Mandarin】 please eat, please, wish you fortune 【confident】 I will succeed 【Song Dandan is doing interview】 -OK -what are you hoping for the heavers 【not too short】 don't be shorter than 185cm, 【not too pretty】 don't be like a standard pretty boy, I don't fancy this kind of fresh meat 【will Henry get love from Dandan?】 【nervous】 【trembling】 -what do you think these two porters will be -what's a porter? carrying luggage for us? I haven't seen season one yet so.

-room service who is this, I'm coming what's going on, young man 【young man suddenly appears】 where would you like this be 【confused Dan】 -I didn't order these, what, who -room service -someboday did -did you order these -let's put them inside -fine 【she didn't recognise me】 -sign here please -OK 【what to do now】 thank you -let me put them there -thanks, we'll eat them together later -sorry to interrupt you -thank you, you need your cart out or staying -I'll get it out -OK 【What to say】 -what -tips 【tips, nature gestures, 5% to 25% of total fees and better in paper bills】 I don't have any money, I'm not lying, I only have US dollars in my purse -that's fine -we're going abroad -that's fine -you see, I'm not lying, just passport and US dollars 【Henry forgot the test】 -sorry -no money -sorry -I didn't pay for that luggage guy either -sorry -I'm sorry.

How about one USD 【I'm fine with it】 -thank you 【and take it】 -let me help you -thank you 【didn't recognise the heaver Henry】 【what's going on?】 is he the porter? who is that kid -she didn't recognise you -no 【really?】 【refuses to accept the fact】 she was acting, wasn't she 【something is going on outside the door】 【Song Dandan opens the door to confirm】 【is he just a waiter?】 no one 【gather the courage to knock on Song's door again】 -room service -you are porter, right? Hi -I was kidding 【Dandan meets heaver Henry】 -come here my son -hello -you are that what they say, that kid born in 1998 right -【looking young】 no I was born in 1989 -1989 -right -you look young -born in 1989, you are almost 30 now -right -28 or 27 -right, you look young, too -【sweet kid】 thank you -why didn't you recognise me -I didn't know you -OK 【auntie doesn't follow fresh meats】 sorry I'm an older auntie you know, I don't know any of the young kids now -that's OK but this -that's fine you can keep it, consider it a gift -really -happy new year -【red envelope of one dollor】 wish you good fortune -you are from that Korean boy group -yes -I knew you but I didn't see your shows -so nice to meet you -nice to meet you too -【tied hands】 I heard that you are very harsh -not that much -but you are really beautiful -thank you -what's your name Henry -right -you have any Chinese name -Liu Xianhua -then I'll call you Lil'Hua, I'm not good with English names -Big Hua 【a random nickname】 -or you can call me handsome -no, you're not that handsome 【hurt】 -thank you, can I eat them -of course I just ordered them I heard that many sisters need my help, so I came and I want you to know that don't worry I don't need your help, go help other prettier girls.

I'll worry more once you help me because to me, you are a oh god big trouble, this journey.

With a kid along -in our, how to say vacation in Chinese -in this journey -in this journey you'll worry about nothing, you know why -why -I'm here 【I'm worried because of you】 thank you.

Here, I'll introduce you to another prettier girl -another sister -very beautiful, come on 【Big Fattie】 【hiding】 -I locked myself inside -come out -here, she is Jiang Yan -do you know him -hello my name is Henry are you that OK, loose your hands now first time meeting, holding hands for a while is enough 【you look familiar】 -are you from Super Junior -Yes -he looks super young -he is young -looks like a teenager -I want to tell you that in this, what's vacation -vacation -in this vacation you can worry about nothing, you know why -why -I'm here 【cut it out】 this kid is funny 【I'll take care of you girls】 room service, hello your meal 【can Jin Chen recognise heaver Henry】 -sorry I didn't order that -someone did -no, sorry.

thanks 【didn't recognize me?】 【smirking】 【I did it on purpose】 pranking on him room service 【that's his dance】 Naughty.

thank you -wherever you like it be -anywhere -your room is -like after an explosion tomorrow you'll see a floppy me 【let oppa help you next time】 【I'm good at messing】 【oppa's Korean lesson time】 ?? in Korean, means god good -sounds like a curse -not at all 【#good with girls Henry#】 -OK -good -my name is Henry -I'm Jin Chen, a simple name don't worry tomorrow, I'm here.

You can call me oppa -OK -I'll carry all of these for you, because you are not strong -I can,too -I'm actually very strong -really -look at my muscle -what muscle -hang on 【told you】 you can touch, it's real I used to be a dancer and my teacher used to punish me all the time.

Do you trust me? I can help you 【third heaver】 OK let'd do it together but I can't deal with money.

My brain can't work with numbers my brain isn't that good either 【team with no brains】 see you tomorrow see you at your dreams 【do I smell some flirt in the air?】 OK bye 【morning of departing day】 【Henry is watching season one】 -can they fit -no -how can you have that many of luggage -this car is too samll 【Li Zhiting was yelled at for booking a small car】 Li Zhiting, what's going on with you, renting a car that small big car the car must be big very big car 【Li Zhiting arrived at Mexico city after 18-hours-flight】 【Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico "Benito Juarez"】 【tired: hola, Mexico】 Allow me to fill you in: I was kidnapped by this person, I have two pairs of clean socks, I'm wearing underpants and have another pair from the AD.

That's all.

【is this man a celebrity? this is a nice angle】 I have no idea, there are no underpants store in the airport.

Whatever, I'll wash them everyday but what if they won't dry 【blow them then】 Whatever 【naive Zhiting】 Zhiling is arriving in 2 hours 【Lin Zhiling is flying to Mexico alone】 【didn't expect a surprise from porter Li Zhiting】 【studying the guidance on the plane】 【paying attention to her plane】 【sweet Zhiting ordered 99 roses for her】 I'm ready 【Lin Zhiling is arriving in 30 minutes】 who should I go with Hi.

I'll be like this when she comes out and I'll move with you -Is she coming out -she is picking up the luggage -here we are -how do you feel flying by yourself -lonely I still don't know why I should come alone when others come as a group did I do something wrong -and I don't know who'd pick me up nor where to go nor the hotel's position.

You know any of these? -no 【humming and waiting】 finally I see you, luckily I didn't give up waiting this way, thank you 【there she is】 Zhiling 【please ignore me】 【happy to see the logo of the show】 -good, nice to see you again -you should stay here 【coming closer】 【your man is here】 surprise 【watch for your volume button】 【big sister is mad】 【who cares about you out there】 【volume button, I'll say again】 【freaking out】 what 【Zhiling is too happy seeing the familiar face to talk】 【there is a kind of gravity】 【everytime they meet after departure】 【everytime they meet again, they create new stories】 -for how long haven't we seen each other -one year -one whole year -one year -my bad 【still very excited】 breathe 【when you suddenly saw him】 I was so surprised and my screaming was like all over the airport -she is my "wife", she is beautiful isn't she -oh my god 【one-sided married】 【happy couple】 Li Zhiting I'll tell you what happened in the last 24 hours in the car 【leaving the airport for the city of Mexico】 you want to hear good news or bad news 【we have good news?】 good news is that this time we don't have to pay for our hotels, they'll settle it up 【really?】 -could it be true -so we'll just have fun 【Zhiling sees through it all】 but we'll have to change something for it -so what's the bad news -I've changed for us, I'll tell you later hello, this is the address so, this is what happened 【talking about the prank】 we were talking, in the chatting room, about how I was unavailable, right? And I was available but my manager didn't tell me 【that's what they did】 these people set me up.

They told me that I'd go to Shanghai for a commercial 【shocked】 It's not true, they made me a Yeti and dance for a while, then they sent me directly to the airport 【you people can play】 -so you asked about my luggage back then -no way -here is my luggage I have a backpack, and I have you.

So I'm OK -seriously -yeah, so that's my life now 【unbelievable】 hello Mexico we are here Here is Mexico, where corns and Mayan culture were born there is no prophecy of doomsday but high-developed astronomy calendar The modern civilization derives from the falling of Mayan culture.

In Mexico city, you can see passion from the colorful fresco, you can see welcome from the big burritos.

Today the flower group will begin their incredible journey here here is the entrance, number 4 【arrived at apartment】 15, 16, 17, 18, here so luxurious 【feelings towards the hotel】 30 times better than I imagined 【satisfied】 if you don't mind, I can share my T-shirts 【sharing clothes with Li Zhiting】 【moved】 -can I fit in -maybe, and this coat will do, too I have clothes now, I'm so touched Can I try it on? I think I can fit in this 【a little short】 I think it's good 【you're good in everything】 【happy couple】 I've never expected to get clothes from Zhiling's suitcase -you want to grab a coffee downstairs -OK -OK? -OK -and we can plan on how to.

-OK -welcome the rest of them today -OK let's go -let's go 【cafe house down apartment】 -how many people are we? you, me, Wang Lin, Henry -eight they'll arrive at 5, now it's early.

So we can go to supermarket later -OK -So do we decide on eating hot pot tonight -yes -OK hot pot 【morning of departing, Shanghai】 【the group is leaving for airport】 are they up yet? I'm worried about Jin Chen's packing 【the young people are waiting】 -good morning -sit down -did you sleep well -yes thank you -did you see me at your dreams -【what】 pardon did you see me at your dreams 【rolling eyes】 -maybe tonight -tonight, OK 【fashion】 【big sister Song Dandan marching into the lobby】 hello, the journey of tiresome begins now 【suddenly appears】 -what's going on -I'll help you -thank you -also this one -it's fine -my jewelry are in there -let me help you -no thank you, I don't want to lose them this kid is too excited 【what should I do with him】 -did you sleep well -fine -you need massage 【I'm fine】 -you can do a massage -yes I can 【Henry tries to lighten the mood】 -good morning -this kid my son is on fire 【springtime is dry, eat less sour and more sweet】 -your lips are also chapped, did you drink last night -are your lips dry 【what do you want】 【stop overreacting】 oh my, I can't.

Kid you can't find a girlfriend after this show 【your lips are more important than my girlfriend】 are they dry -I can't deal with him -energetic -god, son 【treasure case】 -I took it -you have to use his -it's brand new 【I have it all】 -oh my god -what if my lips are chapped? You can't just give her -he has 200 of those -then you can use my lips 【I'm scared】 my kiss are valuable, this my first kiss 【can't even fools herself】 【seriously】 me,too this kid is so funny tell me if you need anything 【Song remembers about the other forgotten one】 where is the other heaver 【what's a porter, can I eat】 【you seem tasty】 -I'm the porter -【I'm the heaver】 you are the sister -they said there'd be 2 boys -other one? I thought it's just me -there should be another -the other one is to take care of you 【I have my own helper?】 I don't know Big Fattie, he is prettier and prettier.

A worth-looking-at fresh meat 【finally got approved】 you are good.

I'll find you a place of blepharoplasty later 【here is the finished look】 【flower group is leaving】 we are good to go ladies, let's go 【Henry spotted on something】 -Dan, did you forget something -【what now】 no -are you sure 【Henry picks up Dandan's phone】 【proud】 you see, if I weren't here 【here is a hug for you】 good, good boy, you can take care of finishing part from now on -are you sure -my brain isn't sharp as before -son, my son, come here -mine is light -hold on -hand it over -can you do it -yes 【praising】 -son you are very good -Dan is better -my phone is full of secrets 【leaving the hotel for airport】 Lin is harsh, I sae her yelling at Zhiting 【whispering】 -Lin is not harsh at all, stop putting words into my mouth -that's all your words 【I didn't say that!】 -She said Lin is harsh -No I didn't 【Wang Lin arrived in advance】 where are Dandan and the rest of them they took another car, should be here any time now 【Dandan is singing】 【flower group arrived】 【naughty: Wang Lin hides in the fans of Henry】 what about the luggage 【I'm a huge fan】 -I'll hold it for you.

Oh my god 【got caught】 -she is WangLin -this is Henry, my son -she is my mom -you have another son -of course -where is the other one -baby, here is your big auntie 【I want a son, too】 -can I give you a hug -no, you can't hug other than me -only if you give me some money 【money is my son】 -here here -I'd hug anyone for money -OK let's go -watch out there are two heavers, how come I'm only seeing one -I'm not enough for you? -take them all check your luggage and see if you've lost anything -check -mine are all here, are yours? Check for yourselves -all good -OK, let's go 【hotel in Shanghai】 【then whose cases are these two?】 wait, you forgot an important issue, which Wang Lin knows about -cards, phone cards 【money for journey】 gimme where is Henry -here are 4900 USD -you can't give it to him -you should give it to the oldest I think here you are 【hand it to a more responsible one】 -who is more considerate? I'm not -It's fine, I'll keep it -trust me -if you lose it, you'll have to see yourself to feed us 【is it a good way of keeping money?】 【I'll only sell my talents though】 -sit down here -leave me, I'm all good.

【WangLin also turns down Henry's help】 -I prefer sitting on people -really this young man has much strength to spare, but he'll be soft in two days -I've heard so much good about you -that I'm very harsh and I yelled at people? 【why are you looking at me?】 -like these? -not at all -that's fine, I generally don't yell at pretty boys -you are pretty, but your eyes can be bigger -I can -you can do a blepharoplasty 【did I hear that one hour ago】 -can you let my hand go -I won't let you -You won't let me down.

But can you let my hand go now -of course 【embarrassed】 -thank you -she is not harsh -right -you are bad, you told me she is harsh -did she tell you I'm harsh -no no no, she said you are a nice person OK, let's go in a line big sister goes first, let's form in a line 【test on the heaver】 we have a new porter today and we'll test him before the season starts 【money game】 【exchange rate counting】 【they'll lose one bill every ten seconds】 -ready -hang on I'm not ready -you can't use that -then what should I use -your brain -my brain sucks 【what's your worst subject】 math can I have a chance to practise what's that one 0.

07 -no you can't -one chance please, 0.

07 -ready start -100 is 7 USD 【the counting started】 I don't know how to write which money is this 【you suck at this】 【just write】 Argentina, please don't take it away I got hurt everytime she took the money away, they were eating my heart can you read at all please save me you, you , kid you did nothing right I can't, I'm bad with numbers -OK we're done -what's your answer -486 -wrong -484 -481 -482 cut it out, do it again plus 250 plus 7 plus 70 plus 75 plus 110 【took another one】 -how can 250 plus 7 -just do it -what 250 plus 7 plus 70 plus 75 plus 110 -512 -right -god -please give back the money -no, we can't lose our dignity these are enough.

all for us, besides the 100s right You son, you can only carry bags 【I can also pick phone for you】 -350.

5USD -so we only have 350 -right, thanks to you.

Or we'll have more than 1000 -you can do nothing -sorry sorry -it's fine -where are the rest -he got it -where is my wallet -your bag, in your bag -one sec -he forgot, this kid -I'm telling you, our Zhiting was awesome when he was in charge of money -and Zhiting is handsome -here it is, I didn't lose it -and he has more muscles -you are letting us down he is better at IQ, EQ and looking, why should we need you 【will they leave me】 no, the money isn't enough Wenyu, give back the money 【asking for money】 now we'll have to rob, you know where is money? 【found it】 you are smiling, you have it right? Li, give me the money back -where is it -no -let me see your pants -I don't have it now I know why she was kept in season 2 no one does this besides her 【I'm helping】 I'll get him for you -oh my god -this is not pretty -enough 【got money back】 -I'm telling you -cool -it's the way to live here -reasoning sometimes is not as useful as robbing -thanks to you if I weren't here they'd bully you again you know -so we can be unreasonable -right -thank you Wang Lin -you have them all -just daily things 【time to get on the plane】 all mine 【gentleman】 -ladies -thank you -happy new year 【the journey is about to begin】 see you 【Mexico city】 -let's buy some decoration first -decoration -we had flowers 【Zhiting and Zhiling are hanging in supermarket】 -how about balloons -great 【Zhiling saw something】 -they sell underwear -they should I saw them they have it, the fluorescence ones I've never expected that one day Lin Zhiling is helping me pick underwear 【it's a wonderful world】 destination is 5 meters ahead keep going, you are here now -balloons , right -I'm blue -and I'm red -rock, paper, scissors red it is now it's food this one looks like Chinese noodles 【all done】 check 【decorating】 【arrived at Mexico city】 【that's when he is the heaver】 -I have all, how about you -me, too -and you -still waiting -I only got the consigned one, but not the cases 【where are you my suitcases】 are yours all out 【what to do】 【all are waiting for Jin Chen】 I have two with me now but other two missing 【asking the crew】 -I'll ask around.

Did you bring them with you -no -not with you 【left two cases in Shanghai】 what should I do 【Wang Lin is losing patience】 so we are waiting for her case right 【why didn't you leave yourself in that hotel.

】 what should I do -just buy a new one, you need an empty suitcase right -no it's a full one -full of clothes -didn't we check -I did, one empty and one full 【confusing herself】 -I had an empty one, with them -I don't get it, you didn't express it clearly 【big sis is a little mad】 【leading to details】 -how many suitcase did you bring from home -four -how many do you have now -two -where are the other two -airport -you left them in the hotel -right 【she is angry】 【she is angry AF】 they are your own suitcases, if you didn't take care of yourself, who cares about you out there no one cares, you've left your mommy 【I still need her】 oh my mom 【this kid isn't reliable】 -how old is she -what should I do -it's fine -OMG -it's fine 【Dandan is talking like JinChen's mom】 -after this time, I'm telling you, you won't make the same mistake again -never again -it's over, it's up to us two -right, so I was thinking, they are just kids -a silly one, and a dumb one, and a sloppy one I miss Zhiting very much now, he was doing very well last year 【caring about Henry】 stop talking about Zhiting in front of him, you are making me uncomfortable 【I'll do my best】 -Zhiting is not here this year, all you have is my son here, you figure it out yourself -make him useful anyway 【encouraging: I think you are better than Zhiting】 【thank you】 【luxurious big bus booked by Henry】 is this car OK -good, did you arrange that -I booked it online -did you -big enough for you? -sure you are smarter than Zhiting 【finally praised by Wang Lin】 -his car was too small -I saw you yell at him -I wasn't yelling, I was just expressing my feelings 【I AM NOT HARSH】 -please -this way -big enough -sure, clever boy 【happy】 can you go to this address 【going to hotel】 -【praise me】 I've arranged the hotel -well done -cool -good -may I sit here -sure 【eardropping】 【dumb team sit together】 when we arrive, if we have time, I'll take you shopping, because I have money, much money let's sing a song, a catchy song 【got one】 this one, I have one you did this song before, right his voice is beautiful 【maybe I can forget about the whole world】 【at least you can still hear from me】 【the mole in your hand, I'll ever remember its place】 -kid, your voice is beautiful -he is a singer how much for renting this bus 【humming and hawing】 not little just tell us, how much did you spend on this bus 700 【shocked】 【god】 -700 what -USD 【seriously】 I'm going home, I don't like this game 【naive】 no no no, we can take it again when we go back to the airport 700 【whatever】 we had a deal -the crew is messing with us, it can't be 700 USD -no, it's 700 -don't pay for it, we are here anyways, don't pay the money 【the boss is firing Henry】 I'll fire you right away if you do something like this again 【we might as well loose you】 there is no heaver anyway, us five girls can take care of ourselves -no no no, I have to be here -will you pay if they ask for 5000 USD 【my love to you ends now】 you are good 【honest kid】 no 700 -then how much it is -200 at tops -200 【what】 -just 200 -right -【tough task】 what do you mean -where is the money -in my bag -hand it to me -why -give it to the elder ones, I don't trust you 【Henry trying to rebuild the trust】 -you have to trust me, I'm your porter, I'm here for you You are smarter than that one from last year -but you are -how dumb that one would be, to be dumber than Henry -Last year Zhiting booked a tiny car which we can't put our suitcases in -I saw that video 【that's why I booked this bus】 -but Zhiting saved money for us -Zhiting is handsome -right 【toasting】 not like some Korean pop stars with that tiny of eyes -if you are handsome as Zhiting, we'll forgive you -we'll live with it 【seriously】 I'm not that unly -I look OK -I'm so upset, how can they charge for 700USD 【arrived at the apartment】 -here we are -here -right -oh god right here in front of pairing keys cart -it can't be a big hotel careful 【the driver took out the confirm paper from online booking】 -are we paying -what to do, he is asking for money now -now 【baffling】 but Dandan told me to pay less 【what's the kid doing】 I can't do it don't tell her, go tell her to go to other places -wait -how much -hotel is over there 【distracting】 【standing still】 【I'll do it myself】 how much 【bumping words】 【what are you saying】 【are you seriously asking for half】 【you guys are stingy】 【perfect】 pay him, 350 dollars, where is the money, gimme 【Zhiling is off to greet the group】 【Li Zhiting stays for surprise】 【finally I'll meet them】 【Dandan the dispatcher】 -Jiang Yan, you two stay here and watch, we'll moving them over there -Let us do it, you stay -no I have to see the hotel first 【no time for Henry to talk】 【Zhiling sees the sisters from far】 【an angel is running towards us】 【gorgeous】 【come to me, pretty】 it was really Lin Zhiling.

I saw so many pictures and commercials of her.

She is, to me, a huge star this pretty boy is with us -hello, so nice to meet you, so honored -hi I'm Lin Zhiling -【doesn't want to let go】 I know -are you cold hurry, a simple hello is enough, let's go 【before you catch cold】 -is the hotel far -one minute -good 【can't his eyes off her】 two cases each one moves follow me 【crossing the road】 hold on, careful.

OK go 【Li Zhiting is anxiously waiting 】 【messy moving group】 super heavy, let me, god 【quick reacting foot】 slow down -let him do it, Zhiling -【trying to show his charm】 go inside and sleep 【but why sleeping in daytime】 let me do it 【looking】 come here -hold on, no hurry -1574 【make me angry to death】 hold on, no hurry walk up 【no room for me in this elevator】 【sweet words are free】 I'll miss you all 【Zhiting hides in closet】 they are here 【welcoming balloons prepared by these two】 -here here -this room is for the boys 【big living room】 wow, wonderful 【equipped kitchen】 -is this the boy room -yours -so we don't sleep together 【or what?】 -who do you want to sleep with -no, they told me we'd live together 【that kid】 -no way live nicely in first station and it'll get worse 【ladies taking a tour】 I wanted to save it for last 【arrive at third floor】 -I think this one up here can be for two people, because this bed is bigger -agreed -that one on first floor is the smallest 【sweet Zhiling】 these eyeshades are for you let's make 5 paper rolls and pick one means sleeping alone on first floor, two 2s means two people sleeping on second floor, and two 3s means two people sleeping on third floor -OK -OK I'll say something if you want to use the blower or the iron this is for cleaning and they have a gift for you over here 【cash?】 you want to see for yourself this one or that one 【curious】 -where is my gift -later -I'm the oldest 【and you should respect me】 【carefully opens】 【Happy to see you】 -what -omg -【shocked】 -daughter -mommy -mommy you didn't feed me medicine this morning -of course I did -you gave me the wrong one excited and touched from last season, we built this kind of trust and friendship 【I'm here with you】 are you all right -enough -hello 【is he my rival in love?】 Oh my god 【flower group all here】 -it's a huge surprise -why didn't you help with our luggage 【crying out of excitement】 you know how tired were we, why the f did you hide in there, what's wrong with you -sorry -mommy -what -he is my mommy -it's complicated, our relationship.

I won't hide anything from you any more 【messy group】 mommy, god -we thought you couldn't make it -god, look at this mommy cry -they haven't seen each other in long time -best gift ever -let's arrange -right, us girls have decided.

Pick one 【Henry still thinks they'd live together】 not the boys, what are you doing 【don't ice me please】 take one 【interested】 two is the other room, one is sleeping alone on first floor -I got 3, us two sleep on third floor -【fated: Zhiling and Wang Lin share the second floor】 two days and two nights -wonderful -I'm alone -congratulations -what do we do now -causally go up to the roof -OK -where will we eat -Dandan is hungry -now is 6, here, we have hot pot -we bought some vegetable and meat -and I brought champagne -perfect -OK come on -Zhiling, I'll go down and see if I can get some ice -OK -and we can put the ice and the wine in the pot -take Hua with you -I'll help -Hua, I see the difference now 【Dandan is pushing him】 -no no -he has not shown all he got yet -Zhiling and I got all the cases up here -I'll do my best -you'd better try hard 【I need therapy】 -they are always scolding me -about what -everything -they disliked the car I rent, for it's too expensive -how much -700USD 【shocked.

Jpg】 isn't it normal a huge bus 【still can't believe】 -700USD or peso -USD, but it's HUGE 【can't accept】 let's talk about it -the point is we only have 100 USD each person -per day -right though you can take it, you actually spent the all day's money on that bus 【guilty】 take it easy, I was yelled at everyday last season 【warm tips】 but you'll get them eventually 【too guilty to find the door】 【asking for ice】 let me take it, you are the big bro, leave these things to me since Dandan isn't happy with you already 【you take the credit】 -you take it up first and say this is your idea -let's go together -believe me, you must make them happy, or they'll torture you to death.

trust me, fighting.

See you -I'll be scared without you -don't be, just say Dandan I got the ice and nod along with whatever she says 【nervous】 【I'll here with you】 【honesty is the best way】 【an energy that goes around】 【I did walk your path to be this new me】 -Dan, I got the ice -OMG they are huge 【did he make it yet?】 -are you happy -yes -please don't be mad at me -fine, but you still have a long way to go -I'll grow up -how much older Li is than you -2 years -you'll be better in two years -I'm getting better -she is happy, she is happy -what did she say -she said OK OK and she is not mad anymore -really 【told you】 -what to do now -invite them to go upstairs now and let's have a drink -have a drink before dinner 【sweet air】 【sweet journey】 happy new year 【cheers: pouring champagne for everyone】 pinky 【first group talk is begining】 I want to say something first.

We two on the plane, she said that she hoped this journey would be a journey of love, like a family trip so let's decide the nicknames for everyone, you must pay if you say the new name wrongly 【funny thought】 I'll begin because I'm the oldest.

She calls me Mommy and I hope besides these two, the rest of you will call me Mommy.

Because you all have your own mothers, and I'm your little mom.

Four of you call me mommy.

She is Big Fattie, so she will be Little Fattie 【but I'm not fat at all】 she is Big Auntie and she is Auntie -and between us, no, no more sister -I'll call you sis in private -no you can't listen, you are Auntie.

And between us three, you can have a second to think it through -you did your hair in vain -it sounds like "second wife" -and hers sounds like "period" 【pretending to be confused】 【really confused】 【trying to be confused】 so between us, you call me "his Mommy", like the kids do, and I'll call you "his Big Auntie" and you are "his Auntie" -Big Fattie, Little Fattie, Da Zhi and Da Hua -big mole where sounds like a big mole with hair on it 【laugh anyway】 that big mole, bring me the car keys like that, but seriously I have a mole on my neck -do you agree on this name or not -of course I do -it's a lovely name -Big Mom picked for me 【it's Mommy】 -who am I -Mommy, Big Mom what -Big Auntie -Mom's little sister, your auntie -again -Mommy, Big Auntie, Little Fattie, Small Auntie -Auntie 【seems to remember all】 -Little Fattie, Big Fattie, Big Huang -Hua【Who's calling me】 -dog name -Big Mole and Big Yellow must be close friends, they can be super popular if they want 【saying names again】 for our new names, cheers is dinner ready, Da Zhi 【preparing hot pot together】 -this water isn't good enough to drink -I'll buy some -13 bottles, go -OK -is Da Hua back -he is still on the way -he is back 【a suitcase of water】 【didn't see that coming, did you】 it's soda water 【Da Hua I can't help you this time】 I'll change them right away -cut it out -carbonated water -hold on -DaHua stop doing anything from now on 【delicious hand-made food】 -here I have some cookies -it's so pretty -Big Fattie you are amazing -here, Big Fattie stayed up all night to make us these 【It brings them much comfort】 【sparkling hot pot】 -barbecue sauce -thank you -a little, that's enough 【offering to sing a song】 -but my song -Trap -you knew my song -whatever, any song will do, but don't let us understand the lyrics or we'll be mean 【still upset】 -and playing piano -is this your song -yes 【I've heard it somewhere】 -is this really your song -yes -I have this song in my phone -really and singing and dancing on a piano, like this 【the mood is getting better】 come to my concert next time continue 【already a Henry's fan】 Da Hua 【the long day is coming to the end】 【four happiest things of life】 【that someone trusting you, someone loving you, someone helping you and someone knowing you】.

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