RMIT Fashion at Flower and Garden Show | RMIT University

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This year we have sixteen third year studentsin the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours).

This particular project forms a part of astudio that we run for the third year students, which is about interfacing with industry.

My garment was inspired by the hot house,so danger, desire, delight.

I looked at all the types of plants that growin a hot house environment, and I’ve created a jungle warrior.

This creation is a flower piece, so I’mcreating a flower blooming, so used the gymea leaves to create that shape of the floweropening up, and I used lavender for the scent.

For the creation of my work, I’ve likedto call it tropical jade one, because this is also the plant I feel like inspired it.

These particular students are looking at exhibitionpractices, so we did this event here, which is obviously a very quick one, it’s a veryintense project, it’s very exciting.

RMIT has been amazing in this whole experience,they’ve given us the chance to not only display our work but it’s in the beautifulExhibition Building.

My favourite thing for studying in RMIT Universityis I learn how to solve the problem, how to make a plan for that.

Wake: We have really great teachers, they’rereally enthusiastic, they really help with problem solving and really pushing those ideasso you are on that world class standard of the top ten fashion schools in the world.

Source: Youtube