RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – Just Retirement Garden 2014

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Hi, i'm Jack Dunckley and I'm both excitedand pleased to present this walkthrough of what will be the largest and I believe the most prestigious garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014.

To enable me to win my first gold medal is as a result of the significant supportof Just Retirement.

To have maximum impact, visitors will beencouraged to take in the main vista at the entrance to the garden.

To givesome idea of the scale, the garden is 20 meters in length byeight meters wide.

I'll start by looking along the striking path.

At the far endand integral to the garden is the bespoke Just Retirement pavilion.

There are three stages to the gardensymbolizing youth, maturity and a just retirement.

Let's start our journey.

The path islined with colorful Lavandula.

Apart from the vivid color, they have long beenassociated with homeopathy and provide a wonderful, calming feeling.

Other plants in the first borders are Echinacea, Artemisia and Salvia.

Defining the outside border of thegarden is a clipped Yew hedge to give some formality and symmetry.

Other notable features are some customChilstone panels, which allow for separation and a convenient aperture forpeople on the outside to get a glimpse through into the main part of the garden.

Notice that as you reach the entranceto maturity the wall has become raised to make anygarden more accessible for the older generation.

Two large cream magnolia grandiflora frame the pavilion providing scale and drama.

At this point visitors will naturally bedrawn towards the pavilion where once inside they will have a chance to seetwo short films.

One on how the garden was designed and built and a film on theJust Retirement company.

Visitors will be encouraged to walkaround the entire garden perimeter.

I would like to think that there is somuch to take in that people want to make the journey again and enjoy the JustRetirement garden for the second time.

Source: Youtube