Red Clover Polymer Clay Flowers Tutorial (Intro Vol-046-1)

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Hi Guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer ClayTutor, and today I'm going to show you how to make Red Clover Flower Beads.

Now, the call came out from one of our members,Karen who had a desperate need for making Red Clovers out of Polymer Clay.

And when I heard that she needed to this,my brain just started to get very excited, because wild flowers are what I just love.

And when I was a little girl, I would layin the grass and pull the little petals out of the Red Clover and suck on them to getthe sweet nectar.

So I just totally knew what I would do asfar as making a Red Clover Flower Bead.

Now, Polymer Clay is so wonderful that youcan get it to do just about anything, and I've been able to get it to look just likelittle Red Clover Flowers.

Now, I've got a few examples here, some inthe little bit more Purple way that the clover can look, and some in a little bit more ofthe Red way.

I've also got a couple beads here that I madeinto a pair of earrings, and they are so pretty, they have such a wispy, kinda feathery lookto them.

And I think you’re really gonna enjoy howto make them, they take some time but they're not super difficult to do.

What you're gonna need is just a very smallamount of clay.

Source: Youtube