Rainbow of flowers: a birthday card

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Hello everyone! I'm Amanda, I hope you're having a good Friday.

Today I have a card for you @ s that is inspired by a photograph of Instagram now I can not find, do not know why, but basically it was an envelope with flowers coming out of it in the order of the rainbow.

So I thought it would be really cool to do it on a card and that is what I will try to do today.

I have to stamping and punching a lot, so I will not teach the whole process, only a part.

And I think everything is clear in the video, so I'll let the music and then I go back with you @ s.

I'll put a few sequins and before I forget, I want to tell you that the next two weeks will upload videos on Saturday instead of Friday.

Only thus will be on Saturday 21 and Saturday 28, then I return to my regular schedule.

As a finishing touch I'll add Wink of Stella and the flowers That will be the card today! I remind you that I have a list below the video material and also on my blog with photos of all the products I've used.

And I hope you liked it, it's been a lot of work but I hope it was worth it.

Thank you so much for watching and we see next.


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