Q&A – When is the best time to plant tulip bulbs?

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When is the best time to plant tulip bulbs? And this is from Carol.

Not our Carol, but from another Carol.

So when is the best time to plant tulip bulbs? – Now or any minute now.

– [Tom] Any minute now.

– It's been so warm I'd be afraid, if youplanted 'em in October, they might have gone ahead and started to sprout.

So as soon as it begins to get cold.

I hope people realize that tulips are usuallynot perennial here.

– [Chris] Good point, yeah.

– 'Cause I just recently had a call from somebodywho spent money and put in 10,000 tulips around a big church and thought that they were supposedto come back and I was like, no, uh-uh.

– Another good indication too is when thenighttime temperatures are between 40 and 50 degrees, that's a good time to plant tulips.

Course, you don't wanna do it when the ground'sfrozen.

I don't wanna be out there when the ground is frozen.

– No.

Also you get several weeks of winter chillin, a lot of people get in touch with me in January, December and say, I forgot to plantmy bulbs, is it too late? And I tell 'em usually not, usually got plentyof chilling hours left, go ahead and put 'emin the ground.

They might come out a little bit later, butthey're still gonna come out.

– Quickly, so if you're putting in the bulbsin the ground, do you have to do any prep? – Well, people like to put a little bit ofbone meal and all that stuff, which I've heard is, a lot of times, myth, really not thatmuch difference.

If you've got good soil, probably not.

Remember the planting depth, when people talk about three times the depthof the bulb, the bulb is one of those thirds.

So count the bulb as the bottom third, andthen two-thirds more, that's your top of your soil.

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