PvZ Garden Warfare Tips & Tricks – Episode: 07 The Sunflower

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This is Cronniss again.

And welcome back to my latest installment of Tips & Tricks in Plants vs.

Zombies: Garden Warfare.

In this episode we will be covering the Plants' healer – the Sunflower.

To start off, here is her default Heal Beam.

It can be kept active while attacking or reviving.

But if you get too far away from your teammate, your connection will break.

The upgrade to the Heal Beam is the Rainbow Heal Beam.

Other than looks, it appears that they heal at the exact same rate; although I could be wrong.

Now normally I would showcase abilities separately, but the Sunflower is a special case.

When using the Sun Beam she is rooted in place, so she can't move This means it is a good idea to put down a Heal Flower if you have it available.

The Heal Flower will recharge faster than the Sun Beam So it's also useful to drop during combat.

There is an upgrade to both of these that increases the Sunflower's damage output.

The Heal Flower becomes a Dark Flower, attacking opponents instead of healing you.

Your Sun Beam turns into a Solar Flare Beam.

While this causes more damage, it does take a moment longer to start up.

and the timer bar on it decreases slightly faster.

Whichever combination you use, it's always a good idea to drop a flower when you can.

Also, both Beams have unlimited range.

So if you can see your target, you can hit it.

Thank you for watching this episode of Tips & Tricks in Plants vs.

Zombies: Garden Warfare.

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