Polymer Clay Flower Cane Tutorial Easter Lily (Intro Vol-058)

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Hi Guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer ClayTutor and today I'm going to show you how to make an Easter Lily Cane.

Now, Easter Lilies are very pretty littleflowers and I’ve designed a cane to look like the Easter Lily and I've got a bunchof the cane in different sizes here.

But let me show you some of the beads andprojects that I've made using the Easter Lily Cane.

Now back here I've got a necklace where I'vemade some of the Millefiori style of bead that basically means a thousand flowers.

So on these beads here, where I have a wholebunch of the little Easter Lily flowers on there; that would be considered a Millefioribead.

I've got a necklace here that I've made usingthe Easter Lily Cane in several different sizes, you can see it's a little larger hereand then it's a little bit smaller up here and sort of a medium size over here.

So you can use the cane in a bunch of differentsizes to get different looks.

I've also got a pair of earrings here whereI've used them and they go nicely with that necklace there, and there's some wire wrappingand some chain dangles underneath.

I've also used it to make a bracelet hereand this is a neat one, it's got some Swarovski Crystals… wish I could say that nicely,in between here in a couple of different colors.

And it's got a little bit more of a rusticlook compared to the other style there, I just love this bracelet.

And I've used the cane in a pendant here,so I've used a fairly large slice and so it has quite a graphic look to it.

So you can get quite a few looks from thisparticular cane design, and I think you’re very much going to enjoy it.

So I will see you in the next video of thisseries.

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