Plants and Flowers – 2012 Standout Performers: Part 2

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Next plant we're going to introduce to you is called Lantana very underused in the Okanagan and it shouldn't be excellent for full sun, attracts butterflies and comes in some unique colors what's really uniqueabout them actually is the way flowers have different colored individual flowers in the whole head.

So hereyou got yellow, orange and pink making up one cluster and it kind of, sort of blends into each other making a unique look.

That there is called Lucky Rose Sunrise and this one here is Lucky Lemon Glow a nice lemon variety this next large plant here is called Bougainvillea if you've ever been to California, you'd see them in large hedges or vining, trailing 0:01:20.


150plants clinging onto walls and here we found a variety that finely performs very well in our limited season here in the Okanagan compared to down south in California that is this here is called Elizabeth Angus and we will be selling a little bit more of this finally.

It's taken us a coupleyears to figure it out but we'll have smaller four-inch type pots and hanging baskets as well allowing people to buy them more as a "bedding plant" making up their own baskets or mixed planters the flower is actually made up of three leaves that have simply turned color so there's a very papery type form to it that lasts forever and ever that makes them so popular.

Great in the full sun.

These next three baskets in front of me right here, these are types of Trailing Begonias fairly new on the market.

What's unique about them is that they could take a lot of direct sun.

We've had them facing northwest to west and even started experiment a little bit on self-facing areas and they do extremely well.

This one here is called Million Kisses Devotion and they have long, narrow leaves.

These are propagated Begonias so they have not come from seeds.

Cuttings have been taken to grow these and you can see the size here are so beautiful.

The shape growth habit to it.

Lots of color so "Million Kisses Devotion" this is Bon Bon Sherbet and Cherry mixed together.

So we plant the two different varieties together.

So its something that's a little more compact for people with a smaller location, these would work well.

The Bon Bon series a nice smaller basket and down on the ground there, that there is called Encanto.

So there's a little more of an orange color to it in relation to the devotion.

You Begonia lovers that have an area with a little bit more sun these will do excellent there.

The next two types of plants that we're going to talk about are both again sun-lovers now these two here, these are types of Coreopsis.

Annual Coreopsis Typically people know that Coreopsis are perrenial and these are thetypes that we sell in a basket so for the zone, six to seven roughly so we just treat them as an annual.

This variety up here and this will be here is called Pumpkin Pie and this one right here is called Fruit Punch and talk about a plant that blooms from start to finish, unbelievable we haven't done any dead-heading oranything so we could tidy up a bit throughout the season.

We haven't done anything to any of these star pots by the way they've just been let go the whole season, simply just trialled them visually we don't do any cleaning up on so they're just unbelievable for bloom power and very good mildew resistance as welltypically Coreopsis are known to get powdery mildew sometimes and right in front of me here; these arecalled Bracteantha which is just a fancy name for straw flower these are more of a mounting or semi trailing type of strawflower typically straw flower, the old traditional varieties done from seed are upright, dwarf and tall varieties and just podge garden type of plants these can be used in your mixed planter menuboxes etc.

because they have that nice mounting or trailing habit and is a great plant from start to finish with bloom habit some of these flowers have been openall summer.

You can see now that they're just starting to go to seed a little bit so you could obviously do some dead-heading and make it look a little bit tidier but the name straw flower has come beacuse you can hear that crunchiness the flower is like straw.

It's very dry and that's why theydo last for such a long, long time and this is Mohave Dark Red and "Mohave White" just a couple selections we wanted to show you.

Okay, next here we have two types of Diascia and in the center we have a type of Sanvitalia this here is called the Sunvy Super Gold a little more compact variety, beautiful bright, full-yellow daisies and great for full sun.

Diascia can be put in half-day sun, half-day shade that's the location we had it basically up front in the parking lot a couple of varieties we selected.

They do come inmany different types of coral shades even in white and one that's sort of a blue-y color as well but these lighter pink and apple blossom ones look the best at this time.

So this is a Genta Giant Pink and Darla Apple Blossom, these beautiful snapdragon-like little flowers.

Next group of plants here these are Trailing Verbena.

Unbelievable! look at the color on these in the middle of September.

This is phenomenal.

We usually hover around forty differentvarieties of trailing verbena so if you haven't tried them yet, give them a go.

They're just unbelievable.

Full sun again some varieties are more vigorous than others there's a couple we've chosen that we use in our mixed sun-baskets that are very, very vigorous there are other that are a little bit more compact but they all love the full sun they all have that sort of naturallybranching, trailing habit.

We haven't done anything to these.

No dead-heading or anything like that and look, just unbelievable.

Very nice.

And this one here is called Fuego Red and White this is Vivid Rose over here we've got Empress Burgundy Charm and over there Lanai Purple Stars.

So these are just four selections that we've chosen that looked really nice.

A little bit of the contrast between them and like I said, there are others that look just as niceas these.

And typically verbena can get powdery mildew but again that's another reason we do thesetrials.

Not just for flower-power but for disease resistance, specially for powdery mildew that is an issue here 0:07:22.


560in the Okanagan and really matches the really good varieties The next couple of plants we want to talk to you about here, the one of my left, this is called Scaevola.

The variety is calledBlue Wind The variety is called Blue Wind solid blue fan-like flowers the whole season full sun excellent for the Okanagan.

Can't go wrong with that.

And here to my right, these are miniature Martha Washingtons or Miniature Pelargoniums this is the angel series this here is called Angel-Eyed Burgundy there are other colors in this series but again look at the amount of color in these little Geranium-like flowers.

Just excellent Again this has been in the full sunfor the whole summer.

This next cool plant we want to talk about is Celosia Intenz.

This is brand new this seasonthere are going to be a couple more colors coming out of this serieshopefully next season this is again a full sun type of plant it's a type of celosia done from propagation, from cuttings so very rigid form to it very unique flower habit lots of little bottle-brush type stains that come up, very long-lasting.

These have been out the whole season just a very cool new plant that's come out and one more unique little thing that we found,we're bringing this out, is this little guy here which is a type of praying mantis.

Not everyone realizes we do havepraying mantis in the Okanagan.

They are beneficial insects so you do want them around in the garden.

They do take care of some of the pests that we don't want this guy's just hangin' out here.

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