Planting a Container Flower Garden — Family Plot

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♪♪♪ Alright, Tonya.

So, we have ourcontainers out here.

You did this for us last year.

We're going to have you backagain to do it for us now.

Thank you so much for having meback here to make some pretty flowers for your garden.


So, the thing to know aboutcontainer gardening is it's been around for literallythousands of years.

People have been puttingplants in pots forever.

And you can put just aboutanything in a pot and grow it.

Think about Bonzais, you know.

But vegetables, herbs, flowers.

And today we're going toplant some flowers for ya.

Now when youchoose your container, of course, you already have this nice barrel here for us.

It's kind of a rustic feel to go in your vegetable garden.

But if you're choosing acontainer for your house, you might want tothink about, you know, the style of your house.

Do you want something formalor something kind of rustic? How large is your space? Does the container need to beon caster so you can move it? Or are you going to put itsome place and leave it? So.

A lot of things to consider.

Yeah, yeah.

After you pick your container,and I always like to choose one that has drainageholes in the bottom.

It's not absolutely necessary ifyour container is large enough.

But I like tohave drainage holes.

You want to fill it upwith some kind of soil.

Now if you have avery large one, you do have the option offilling the bottom with fillers.

You don't have to usethe really best potting soil through the whole thing.

But you want to make surethe top six to twelve inches, depending onwhat you're planting, has the good stuff in it.

So, any kind of goodbagged potting soil will work.

So, we already have ours filledwith soil and ready to go.

The next thing you want todo is choose your plants.

Well, there's lots of thingsto consider there, too.

You know, is your containergoing to be in full sun? Is it going to be in shade? Is it going to be in part shade? Part of the day sun,part of the day shade.

So, you have to think about theconditions that your plants are going to be in.

And then choose all plantsthat can tolerate the sun or the shade.

You may even want tothink about watering.

If you have things in there thatare low water and things that are, you know, heavydrinkers, then that might not be a good combination.

(Chris) Okay.

I like to plant colorsdepending on the container, too.

So, for a barrel,I'm thinking rustic.

So, oranges, reds,purples, greens.

Your primary colors aregood for a rustic look.

If you've got a formal lookingcontainer and it's going to grow in front of your nicefancy little porch, then greens and whitesmake a nice elegant look.

Anything likewhite and dark purple.

White usually iskind of a classic look.

And if you're kind ofgoing for the country cottage, pastels are good for that.

So, think about the lookand the feel that you want for your container.


So, now that we'vegot our plants chosen, we've got mostlysun plants here.

And the next thingwe want to do is think about different heights.

So, to make a reallynice presentation, it's just like you're going todo a flower arrangement in a vase.

You want something kind of tall.

You want somethingto be kind of a filler.

And then you want something tospill over the edge to break up the hard edge of the container.

And we call thatthriller, filler and spiller.

So, for our thriller, whichdoesn't look very thrilling right this minute.

But it will be eventually.

We have got a Canna Tuber.

So, this is the littletop part of the package that it came from.

And we're going to plant thisin the center to be our tall thriller kind of a plant.

(Chris) I'll sit here and watch you do that.

Our trowel here.

And you can see thatthis has signs of life.

So, that's a good thing.

It's trying to poke out already.

And because it's like that,I'm not going to plant it really deep.

(Chris) So, we don't have to do anything else with that until we plant it.

(Tonya) That's pretty much it.

Then it's going to go in the center.

And then around, I'm goingto choose some Marigolds.

Marigolds! My dad loves Marigolds.


Gives it a nice kind of garden feel, you know.

Take these little plastic things out, y'all.

Don't leave those in there.

(Chris) And again, we don't haveto tease the roots or anything? We just plantthem right in there.

Well, these are pretty loose.

So, not too much toworry about there.

Now if it was very, very, you know, just nothing but awhite mass of roots and, like, they're growing out of thebottom of the plastic container, then yeah, you wantto do something extra.

Probably not necessary.

So, there's our Marigolds.

And we've got somenice Verbena here.

Now when you're at thestore choosing your plants, keep an open mind.

So, don't have inyour head — Okay, I'm going to go to the storeand I'm going to buy this, this and this.

Because they may nothave what you need exactly.

So, keep an open mind about whatthings you could substitute with if they don't have the exactplant that you had your heart set on.

(Chris) That's a pretty good size root ball there.

(Tonya) It is.

You want to check for nice, white roots when you're at the store choosing your plants.

And this one has a nice root system.

I'm going to put thisone kind of in the front.

And, you know,I'm kind of planting these all the way around.

If your container is going against a wall, you can kind of do your tall thing right in the back and everything up infront, everything else.

But this we're goingto see from all sides.

(Chris) Now do you do this with your containers at home? Yes, mostly.

It depends on whatI'm growing in it.

I grow a lot ofherbs at my house.

So, I don't really do thislittle formula with those.

I have one pot that Ireally like of my herbs.

I grow lavender and I grow it in a purple pot.

So when it blooms, it has a nicepurple flowers and then in that nice purple pot.

I really like the look of that.

So, I usually will do a smallercontainer than this and grow all of one thing but thendifferent sizes of containers.

So, I'll have, like, insteadof doing the height in one container, I've got threecontainers of different heights that I'm planting allone thing in each one.

Does that make sense? It makes sense.

It does.

So, it's kind of a threepiece arrangement instead of an all-in-one look.


So, now I'm going to startadding in my things that are going to spill over the edge.

(Chris) Spillers! Yes.

These are our spillers.

And they break up thehard edge of the container.

And this is our Wave Petunias.

Nice roots! (Chris) And do we need to pinch if we have something like that on our plants? I mean, that's notgoing to get any better.

So, yeah.

We can take care of that.

(Chris) Just pinch it.

(Tonya) Now during the season, during the growing season, you have to keep in mind yourcontainers are probably going to dry out a little bit quickerthan the stuff planted directly in to the ground.

So, you want to check on thewatering probably every day.

Go out and check your containers and see if they need any watering.

It's also good to havecontainers for water management.

It can usually take less waterthan if you did a huge bed full of annuals.

But you get just as much of animpact with your container when it becomes full in the summer.

Also, you want to scout forinsects and disease problems during the season.

And I'm going to scoot thismarigold over a smidgen to make room.

Yeah, I would also tell folksto check those pots to make sure they don't haveany weeds growing.

Oh yeah, that's agood point, Chris.

And I'm going to break thisup because it's kind of big, this root ball.

And it will nothurt it to, you know, get in there andreally mess around with it.

It will grow back,all those roots will.

So, that's kind of howwe do our containers.

Also, you may want to have to –You may want to dead head your spent blooms during theyear, during the season.

And it may not look like muchwhen you first get it planted but with a littlebit of sun and water, it won't be long beforeit's nice and full for you.

And this is full sun.

So, it's definitelygoing to get that.


Well, Tonya, we definitelyappreciate that demonstration.

Thank you.

We can't wait to see whatit looks like later on.

Me too, me too.


Thank you.

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