Peck’s Deputy Drill / A Fistful of Flowers

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♪♪ ♪ Yippee-i-oh Yippee-i-ay ♪ Yippee-i-oh-ti-ay ♪ Hey! I'm Callie And I'm the sheriff ♪ Got my badge here On my vest ♪ I'm ridin' I'm ropin' I'm makin' friends ♪ Some say I'm the best In the West ♪ We're singin' Yippee-i-oh-ki-ay Yee-haw ♪ In Sheriff Callie's Wild West ♪ Yippee-i-oh-ki-ay Yee-haw ♪ Saddle up And ride on in ♪ Learn what it means To be a friend ♪ Sheriff Callie Yippee-i-oh Yippee-i-ay ♪ In Sheriff Callie's Wild West ♪ Yee-haw ♪ (PRAIRIE DOG TRIO SINGING) Let's see, we'll takeone bouquet to Ella, of course oneto Uncle Bun and.

Oh, what a shame it is, so many folkshave the sniffles.

(GASPS) Oh, my goodness, mud.

Well, nothin' makesfolks feel better than your feel-betterflower bouquets, cuz.

They can unstuffany nose in town.

(GIGGLING) Here you go.

Sweet buttermilk.

I'm good as new.

And for you.

(SNIFFS) My sniffles have stopped.

Oh, boys.

(BOTH SNIFF) (BOTH WHOOPING) I feel better than a hogat a hoedown.

(BOTH LAUGHING) (GASPS) (THUNDER RUMBLING) Well, best go putmy cows in the barn before that storm hits.

Thanks for helpin' medeliver the bouquets, Stinky.

You're the best cousin ever.

♪ He's the best cousin ever ♪ Always happy to he.



(GASPS) Cousin.

(SNIFFLES) I thinkI got the sniffles.

Oh, dear.

You go homeand rest, cousin.

I'll go to my gardenand clip some feel-better flowersfor you, this instant.

(GASPS) I pickedevery last flower makin' those other bouquets.

Oh, grow, feel-better flowers.



Sheriff, why in tarnation are you patchin'that hole again? That storm's a-comin' and I can't standgettin' wet.

Sheriff! (GASPS) Priscilla.

It's awful.

Cousin Stinkyhas the sniffles, but I'm all out offeel-better flowers.

What ever will I do? Why not give himsome popcorn? It always makes mefeel better.

And after all he's donefor little old me.

Poor dear wasso busy, he didn't have timeto get his cowsback in their barn.

Oh! Well, do feel-better flowersgrow anywhere else? Well, I suppose they do growin Gulley Washer Canyon, but I am so delicate.

And Gulley Washer Canyon is smelly and ickyand worst of all.

Muddy! Much as I would loveto help Cousin Stinky, going to Gulley Washer Canyonis out of the question.

Aw, I know you have itin you, Priscilla.

You'd be surprisedat what you'll do to help someoneyou care about.

♪ You'll be surprised what you'll do ♪ When a friend is needing you ♪ That thing you thought you couldn't do ♪ You can do it ♪ You'll be surprised what you'll do ♪ When it's time to come through ♪ You can do it like there's really nothing to it ♪ 'Cause when it's time to lend a hand ♪ A friend will go to any length ♪ And when you find a friend needs help Gee, thank you.

♪ That's when you'll find the heart ♪ And you'll find the strength ♪ You'll be amazed what you'll do ♪ When someone's countin' on you ♪ When a friend needs help, you can do it BOTH: ♪ You'll be surprised what you'll do ♪ When it's time to come through ♪ For a friend who's depending on you ♪ You'll see there's nothing a friend can't do ♪ Well, I suppose I couldfetch those flowers at Gulley Washer Canyon, so long asyou were thereto help me.

If that's what it takes, I'll be with youevery step of the way.

(GIGGLES) You sure you need to bringall these things, Priscilla? Of course I do, Sheriff.

A lady can neverbe too prepared.

What about that big stormcomin', Sheriff? Gulley Washer Canyonis no place to bewhen it rains.

We'll just haveto move fast, and be back beforethe first raindrop falls.

You know I can't standgettin' wet.

Giddy up, Sparky! (SPARKY WHINNYING) Oh.

Bye-bye! See you later! (MOOS) Bossy, how'd you get outof Farmer Stinky's barn? I think she never got in.

We'll see about that.

Come on, ladies.

Let's get a moove on! (GRUNTING) Move, Bossy.

Move! Oh, my.

That mountain's biggerthan my shoe collection.

But going over it'll be fasterthan going around it.

All right, then.

Let's go! Crumpet, Sheriff? No thanks, Priscilla.

That's it, Sparky.

You can do it! (GRUNTING) The wagon's too heavyfor him, Priscilla.

I'm afraid you'll have tounload your things.

I wouldn't dreamof it, Sheriff.

What if we need slippers? Or jewelry? Well, then we'll have to push.

Push? Mmm-hmm.

Oh, all right.

If it'll help usget those feel-better flowersfor Cousin Stinky.

Ready, Sparky? (GRUNTING) Oh, my, that was exhausting.

I need a little break.


SHERIFF CALLIE: Oh, no! Sparky, come back! (PRISCILLA SCREAMING)Slow down, horsey! SHERIFF CALLIE: Stop! That's it, cows.

(COWS MOOING) TOBY: To the barn.

That's good.

No, cows! Wrong way! That's not good.

Well, at least we gotover that mountain.

Whoa, boy! Why, Sheriff, who would hangthat silly old clothesline way out herein the middle of nowhere? That's not a clothesline,it's a bridge.

And we'll have to cross it to get toGulley Washer Canyon.

We have to cross that? (WHINNYING) It's okay, Sparky.

I'll lead us across.

That's it, boy.

Nice and slow.

Whoa! Easy, boy.

It's okay, Sparky.

Oh, my essentials.

Stay! Oh, stay! Come on, boy! Keep goin'.

Sheriff! The wagon's too heavy.

Oh, I guess I have no choice.

I hope my slippers can swim.

Oh, dear.

Hurry, Sparky! (WHINNYING) Whoa! Help! Hold on! (GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) Climb up! I can't, Sheriff! I just can't! Yes you can, Priscilla! Just think of how badly you want to givethose flowers to Stinky! Oh, imagine a lady like me climbing up a broken bridge.

And in these shoes, no less.

My shoe! My hat! My favorite dress! (SCREAMING) SHERIFF CALLIE: Gotcha! (GRUNTING) Oh, thank you, Sheriff.

Without you here to help me,I don't know what I'd do.

You're welcome, Priscilla.

I'm sorry aboutall your things.

Now, that's okay.

Now, let's go get those flowersfor Cousin Stinky! (THUNDER RUMBLING) And let's hurry! (BELLS DINGING) (MOOING) TOBY: Good little cows.

That's it.

Looks like we got 'emin the barn, just in time.

Good for them,not good for us.

Faster, Sparky.

That storm's gettin'too close for this kitty.

Ew, my goodness, what is that yucky smell? That's the smellof good news, Priscilla.

We made itto Gulley Washer Canyon! And look,feel-better flowers! In the middleof all that mud.


Rain! Sheriff, can you be a dearand go fetch those flowers? (THUD) Sorry, Priscilla.

I have to get the wagonto solid ground.

If we get stuck here,we could get washed away.

(WHINNYING) Come on, boy, pull! But that mud is so muddy.

Priscilla, you've beenchased by bees, dangled off a bridge, and parted wayswith all your things.

There is no doubt in my mindyou can handle a little mud.

Oh, I don't know.

♪ Priscilla needs those flowers ♪ To clear up Stinky's nose ♪ But will she get that mud ♪ On her pretty, fancy clothes? ♪ (BUBBLING) You're right, Sheriff.

No silly mud is goingto stop me from getting those flowersfor Cousin Stinky.


(WHINNYING) That's it, boy! Hurry, Priscilla! I am hurrying, Sheriff! Priscilla, come on! (GASPS) Sheriff! (GASPS) Flash flood! (PRISCILLA SCREAMING) (COUGHING) Help me, Sheriff! Get ready to pull, Sparky.

As if the rain wasn't enough.

I got ya.

Now hold on! Pull, Sparky! Harder! Good job, boy.

Oh, Sheriff,thank you for savin' me.

Why you jumped in that water without so much of a careabout getting soaked.

If you canget muddy, Priscilla, then I reckon I can get wet.

(LAUGHING) But now you know whycats and water don't mix.

(BOTH LAUGHING) Howdy, fellas.

Howdy, Sheriff.


(MOOS) Bossy! Just where do you thinkyou're goin'? (BOTH GIGGLING) Yoo-hoo, Cousin Stinky.

Priscilla? Your dress.

And is that mud? Never mind that.

Feel better, Cousin.


I'm good as new.

Oh, I am so happyto hear that.

TOBY: Hey!Get back here! And I bet your cowsare happy, you're feeling better, too.


Thanks, Priscilla.

You're the best cousin ever.

♪ She's the best cousin ever ♪ (PRAIRIE DOG TRIO SINGING) (WHISTLING) (GROANING) Oh, allow me, Ella.

Why, thank you, Deputy.

Oh, Oopsie! There you go.

Good catch, Deputy.

Just doin' my duty.

Howdy, Peck.

Doin' your deputy rounds? Sure am, Toby.

So far I've helped Ellalift a jug of milk, I've saved Uncle Bun'sfalling apple and uh.


Thanks, Deputy.

Found Tio's missin' checker.

Gee, Peck.

You're such a great deputy.

I bet there's nothin'you can't do.

(CHUCKLES) You gotthat right, Toby.

You name it, I can do it.

♪ Hey, partner, can you sweep the porch? (GRUNTS) ♪ Of course ♪ Can you find a missing calf? (CACKLES) ♪ Buddy don't make me laugh ♪ Check all the locks in town? ♪ I can do it right now.

♪ Stop a stampedin' cow? (COW MOOING) ♪ Let me show you how ♪ Can you guard the saloon? ♪ Shucks, all afternoon ♪ I'm the best deputy there is ♪ And I can do anything ♪ There's nothing to it ♪ I can do anything ♪ Whatever it is, I can do it ♪ Can you draw a sketch of a crook? ♪ All I need is just one look ♪ Can you lock up a bad guy in jail? ♪ If I have to, then I will ♪ Can you stop bank robbers? ♪ Well, uh.

I've never had a run-inwith bank robbers before.

I'm not rightly sureI could stop 'em.

Aw, don't worry, Peck.

Sheriff Callie could do it.

But flyin' feathers, Toby.

On account of I'm the Deputy, I should knowhow to stop 'em too.

Well, maybe Sheriff Calliecould teach you.

I know.

Maybe Sheriff Calliecan teach me what to do.

Toby, we gotta go tell her there's somethin'I don't know.

There's a holein my know-how.

(SHERIFF CALLIE STRUMMING) ♪ And that's why I love Sparky ♪ Sheriff! (GUITAR TWANGS) (PANTING) My goodness, Peck.

What is it? Aw, Sheriff.

Even though yours trulyis pretty much the best deputy in the wholewild west.

Yeah? I don't knowhow to stop bank robbers.

Aw, Peck,you're a great deputy.

And we rarely havethat kinda trouble in Nice and Friendly Corners.

But still, it's goodto be prepared.

So what do you saywe have a practice drill? That's a great idea, Sheriff.

You two can dress uplike bandits and pretend to rob the bank.

Then I'll bust inand practice stoppin' you before you skip townwith the money.

Oh, I have some costumesat my house.

Then we're all set.

See you at the bank, Deputy.

(WHOOPS) I can't wait to show off how braveand courageous I am.

This is gonna begreat practice.


♪ It's gonna be great practice ♪ Here we are, boss.

The Nice and FriendlyCorners Bank.

Bet there's a whole lottamoney in that there bank.


And soonit'll be all ours.

(BOTH LAUGHING) (BOTH HOWLING) Wait for us here.

As soon as we rob the bank,we'll make our getaway.

Okay, boss.

That's one, two, three,four coins, Miss Priscilla.

Thank you kindly,Banker Badger.

Now I can buythat pink petunia perfume I've been wanting.

Smells delightful.

Oh, dear.

Allow me, Priscilla.

All right, everybody! This is a sticky up! Oh, my.

Oh, dear.

(GASPS) We're robbin'this here bank.

Oh, oh.

Oh, goodness me I, I gotta get out of here.


Two banditsare robbin' the bank.

Well, it's about time.

I mean, sorry, Mr.

Dillo, but the Sheriff is, uh,busy right now.



Now don't youfret, Mr.


I can stop those robbers,on account of I'm the deputy.


(BIRDS CAWING) This is a sticky up.

Give me the money.

(BOTH LAUGHING) Great costume, Toby.

Wearin' these get-upswill help us look just like the real thing.

(EVIL LAUGHTER) There's no wayfor you to stop us now.

(CHUCKLES) Whoo-ee.

We're gonna be rich.

Hup, two, three, four,hup, two, three, four.


This is gonna besome practice.


I'm ready.

Stop in the name of the law! BOTH: Huh? Oh, Deputy.

Thank goodness.

Say, great costume, Sheriff.

You too, Toby.

You look likereal bank robbers.

Uh-oh, it's the deputy.

Run! I've got you now,bank robbers! That's what you think.

Oh, oh, oh, whoa.

Cornflab it.

Now why'd they haveto go and do that? Deputy Peck.

Are you okay? Just fine.

But stoppin'pretend bank robbers is harder than I thought.

BOTH: Pretend? Sheriff! Toby! I mean, hey,you two bank robbers, don't even thinkabout tryin' to escape! Say, who's that drivin'? Must've gottensomebody elseto play along.

Let's go! Hi-ya! Huh? Since when was leaving townpart of the plan? Wait up! (GRUNTING) Stop! Hey, you're goin'the wrong way.

Turn around! Whoa! (GRUNTS) Holy jalapenos.

Sheriff Callie and Tobysure are good at pretendin' to bebank robbers.

Let's tell Banker Badger we're gonna doa practice drill, so he doesn't get scared.

Huh? Sheriff? Toby? If they're over there,then who's in here? (HOWLING IN JOY) We done stole every pennyin that bank.

Good work, boss.

(BOTH LAUGHING) Those are real bank robbers.

♪ Peck thought this was a drill ♪ But that just isn't true ♪ Those are real bank robbers so what's Peck gonna do? ♪ I can't stop realbank robbers all by myself.

I gotta get the Sheriff.

Sheriff! Sheriff, help! Oh, no, she can't hear me.

I gotta get outta here.

(HORSE WHINNYING) Baxter Badger.

BOTH: Huh? Sheriff.

Hello, Sheriff.

(GASPS) Leapin' lassos.



Three! (SPUTTERING) What was that? (GASPS) It's the deputy.

He must've followed us.

Open the doorand get him off! (GRUNTS) Rats.

It's stuck.

His foot jammed the lock! That meanswe're trapped inside.

Trapped inside? Oh, I must'velocked 'em in.

Wait, I locked 'em in? I locked 'em in! I locked 'em in! Maybe now I reallycan stop these robbers.

With those two trapped, all I have to do nowis stop the driver.

(GRUNTING) Ow, cornflab it! If I move my foot,they'll get out.

There weretwo of 'em, Sheriff.

And Deputy Peckwent after them.

He went afterthe bank robbers? Oh, no, he must've thoughtthey were us.

What about me? There's gotta be some way I can keep 'emlocked in there.

(GASPS) I know.

(GRUNTS) Grab him! (GRUNTING) I'm tryin'.

Oh, no, you don't.


That'll hold 'em.

Now to stop the coach.

Look out! It's the deputy! Uh, the deputy? Where? Right here! (GRUNTING) I can't move.

Aw, no.

He got Red.

Doggone it.

That's some deputy.

Well, bend my beak,I did it.

I stoppedreal bank robbers.

Whoo-hoo! I gotta help Peck.

Did anyone seewhich way he went? (WHISTLES) There he is.

Deputy! Sweet sassafras, Peck,are you okay? Fine as feathers, Sheriff.

And I'll be even better once we lockthese bank robbers in jail.

(ALL GASP) Jeepers, you caught 'emall by yourself, Peck? You bet I did.

'Course I thought they wereyou and the Sheriff till I saw 'em take offtheir kerchiefs.

Weren't you scared? Reckon I was.

But on account ofI'm the deputy, I did what hadto be done.

Golly, Peck.

You really can do anything.

(ALL APPROVING) Thanks, folks.

All right, fellas,come on out.

You, too, varmint.


SHERIFF CALLIE:You fellas are goin' to jail.

BANDIT: Rats! Not again! Deputy Peck,I can't thank you enough.

Here's the money,Banker Badger,safe and sound.

You surely saved the day.

(ALL AGREEING) That's my buddy.

I'm right proud of you, Peck.

And here you weren't sureyou could stop bank robbers.


But nowI know I can.

You really are the best deputyin the whole wild west.

♪ He's the best in the whole wide west ♪.

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