Patriotic arrangement using star-shaped flowers

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[SINGING] Three cheers forthe red, white and blue! Can you please include that? Today we're going to makea patriotic centerpiece for– perhaps you'd like to havea party for the Fourth of July, or Memorial Day or anynumber of American holidays.

Perhaps a president's birthday.

Perhaps you're taking atrip to Washington, DC.

That's my favoritecity, by the way.

I just love going thereand walking the streets.

I feel like it'svery inspirational.

I think I might go theresometime and just make some flowers.

So I'll invite you if I do.

Going to start byusing elaeagnus, which is a type of wild olive.

This stuff grows– theplace where I've seen it the most was when I was in theOuter Banks earlier this year.

It was everywhere.

And I am going to use thatto get my base set up.

To set up my base, I wenta little bit out of order.

But let me take this out.

So I like to goin a triangle just to get things started, withthe long, short and medium.

Then go back thereand put one tall– I'm creating space for the restof the ingredients to rest.

Deciding if this is goingto be a long and low or have tall points.

Just seeing where theingredients take me.

Sometimes, I plan where I wantto go first, and then pick the ingredients based on that.

And then sometimes, Ido it the other way.

I like to just seewhere things end up.

So that's the nicething about today because I can just choose,and take you along with me.

A nice refresher afteryou've been doing things that are more scripted.

Like if you have todecide what you're doing for a wedding, oran event or something.

Nice to just see what happens.

So that's where Iam with my shape.

In the back here, I'm goingto add this a little bit more in the back so that I canbalance this out back here.

Just needed a littlebit coming this way because it was leaning forward.

Pop that in there.

Next thing I'm goingto do is go in here and cover this areawith some lower foliage.

And I like this tobe a different shade and also a differentshape when possible.

So this is a little bitbigger, different texture.

This is celosia,a different kind.

We had some peachin another lesson.

This is the red kind.

And we're going to goright in here, pretty low.

And we're going to coverup this area in here where the bowl is andprepare to add some flowers.

So I'm still going around in alittle bit of a triangle, just to get started.

Then you can jumpout and go crazy.

Sometimes, if I have like a lotof different greens I'm using, I like to use one kindof green on one side and the one kind ofgreen on the other side.

But this whole wayof getting your base established I think'sreally important, regardless of whether you're using thesame ingredients again and again or you're using the same one.

I want to take this alittle bit high here to reach up and hang outwith that for a little bit.

But had to go backdown low and do the work of the celosia,which is to cover up the base.

You can see I'm justtrimming from the same piece several different pieces.

And I'm talking away that piecethat I cut out in there deep inside the arrangement,so that you won't see it.

Let's do maybethree more pieces, just to get some goodcoverage down there.

Like that, like that.

Just need to put a littlebit more back here.

I have a littlebit of an opening.

Put some more in there.

So that celosia,I'm going to save a little bit in case I wantto come back and add some more later.

The next thing I'mgoing to add is a flower that will cover thebase of the arrangements.

So this is going togo after the celosia.

It's going to goin nice and low.

This is a variety ofhydrangea that blooms earlier in the year up here.

So a lot of times,the temptation is to start going highwith your flowers.

But you really wantto keep these deep.

They all have to dotheir job, right? And you can bring some of themout longer if you wanted to.

If you wanted to show it off,you could bring it out more.

But the main reasonwhy I chose these was for that purposeof coming in low.

So anyway, I havethis one left over.

I'm just going to keep it.

I might bring it out.

Well, let's just do it,and then take it out later if we need to.

So we're just carrying thecarpet out here a little bit.

Next, I'm goingto add– see, I'm having this thing where Ican't decide between these two.

And I think it's coolto go with both of them, so I'm going for it.

We'll see where we end up.

This has a lot ofdifferent names, it's cute.


Sometimes veronica's whatyou ask for wholesale.

There's just a bunchof different varieties.

It's all pretty similar.

Similar shape and everything,so gets interchanged a lot.

And I'm going touse this to follow the main shape that I started.

Take some color out long.

The purpose of thisone is to reach.

Everything has a purpose.

Each person has a purpose.

Each time the season.

Foods have different purposes.

Fun to think about, howdifferent everybody is.

It's a good thing.

So these are my stripes.

I'm going to add somestars in a little bit.

I just have one more.

And I want to put it– youcan see, everything's out far.

And I want to add onethat's a little bit closer in to the base.

Actually, let'sput them back here.


Didn't like that place.

Then you go for thefox gloves next.

These serve a similar purpose.

But I think I can mix themall right because they're two different sizes.

So similar shapes, and they bothhave many flowers on a stem.

But since the foxglove are really big and those are smaller, I thinkwe can all work together and be in a happy place.

Sometimes, if you'remaking something and it doesn't look right,check the sizes and the shapes because you might be competing.

That can throwyou off sometimes.

I'm just going to focusthis in on the left side of the arrangement.

Going to do somethingdifferent on the other side.

This is nicotiana.

I've seen this in asmaller size, which is actually what I prefer.

This is big, andhonest to goodness, it is so hard to manage.

Just it's heavy, and how itsits is a little bit tough to manage.

So you just have tobe careful with it.

But the other varietythat I really like to use is just much smaller andit droops over completely.

And it's just reallysweet and fun.

I love it so much.

These are just a little bitheavier and harder to manage.

So just have to maybeedit them a little bit.

Actually might justtake that off so I can plan where this bloom will go.

So these are the stars in thestars and stripes arrangement.

I was at Chick-fil-Aa few days ago.

My usual granny meals.

And anyway, Buster and I,we were eating our sandwich.

And there was thisreally sweet man.

He was over there, and Iwas waiting on something.

And he said come overhere and sit down.

And so anyway, I wentover and sat down.

And he told me all about howhe served in the military for– well, between him,his son and his grandson, I think it was 93years combined.

And it was really fun to listento him and hear his story.

So I have stars in there.

I'm going to putone more back here.

See how I don't have any there? Going to add that.

Now I have these red lilies.

I think I'm goingto add that in next so I can get an idea howthis wall will finish out.

Just have one prize lily,so don't cut too short.

That's where that's going to go.

Oo, golly.

Think I'm gettingsome bug bites.

Another fun part ofthis time of year.

Those lousy mosquitoes.

All right, this is bee balm.

Real fun one.

This one grows– oh, man.

My mom grew this inthe yard growing up.

And it blooms here in boonright around the 4th of July along the parkway where we live.

You just saw it out today.

So I'm going to make alittle line down the back of my arrangement with these.

And I have one prizedzinnia, so that'll be my little focalmoment over here.

I'd love to have morethan one or a bigger one.

But sometimes you got towork with what you got, so that's what we're doing.


This bothers me.

It looks like you'rejust hanging out here because the stem.

So I'm going to just tuck itin to go more along that line that I started out originally.

That's a little bit better.

OK, my one zinnia.

Going to tuck it in back here.

I don't know, guys.

I wish I had a few more.

I'm not going to go for it.

This is just goingto be the back.

But see how they all areabout a very similar size? Just looks weird.

So put that in abud vase somewhere.

Have some blue to add in.

This is delphinium.

My friend Lee grows this.

You can get this prettyeasily wholesale too.

I think it's areally sweet blue.

It's hard to find a trueblue in the flower world.

A lot of times, you've probablyexperienced the frustration of the wholesalersending you something that they said was blue butactually it was very purple.

Just hard to find true bluesin the flower world very often.

But I thinkdelphinium's a good one.

And then I haveforget-me-nots today as well.

We're going to not forget allof the people who have served.

And the familieswho've supported them and have alsoserved a great deal.

So this one's for you guys.

And I was trying to keep theshapes of all the flowers whenever I was settingup for this one to be– I don't havea big, round peony or anything in this arrangement.

Well, it would be niceand it would look pretty.

But I wanted to keep everythingstars, and fireworks and things like that.

So we have a little bluemoment going on over there.

And I'm going to finishit off– well, maybe.

I might add some Queen Anne's.

Queen Anne's willprobably be– I'm just going to put one ofthose down in here since I don't have more zinnias.

It'll be all right.

Put a little trio ofthree of them back there.

And we'll punctuate the littleline of three with one more there to balance things out.

And then the last one,the forget-me-nots.

I like to group thesetogether since they are so little, to put a littlehandful of them together.

Put them in as a team,this little group.

And while I'm here, gettingbit by a lot of mosquitoes, I'll be happy to tell you aboutmy favorite mosquito repellent.

It is by Burt's Bees, and hasa little green label on it.

It smells good– Idon't mind the smell– and I get bit a lot.

And it really works betterthan DEET or anything like that on me.

So if you're one ofthose poor people that just gets eaten alive.

Think I'm going to regret thisarrangement but not regret it.

But I think I'm going to bevery itchy the next few days.

Love you guys.

That's my patriotic arrangement.

I'm going to putone more back here.

Then I'm going to call ita day and run for my life.

There you have it.

Wishing you all the best,and lots of success [LAUGHS].

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