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Oooh! What's that? Ahaa, that's the Pistil Oh, Hello friends! Never heard of that word, right? Well, these flowers smell amazing! Aaah! But have you ever wondered what's inside a flower? I got you thinking, right? Well, don't think so hard,.

I'll tell you what the parts of a Flower are.

Zoom In! There are two kinds of flowers.

A flower which has both the male and female parts is called a Perfect flower.

And the flower which has either male or female parts, is called an Imperfect flower.

Wondering what the male and female parts of a flower are? Here they are.

Anther and Filament are the male parts of a flower.

Jointly, they are called Stamen.

Stigma, Style, Ovary and Ovules are the female parts.

And together, they are called the Pistil.

The Filament is a long tube that supports the Anther.

Wondering what these tiny little particles are? Well, they are the pollen grainsproduced by the Anther.

But hey, what do these pollen grains do? Pollen grains help these flowers reproduceand give birth to baby plants! Many a times, insects sit on these flowers and carry these pollen grains to the stigma,.

Which is the sticky surface at the top of the pistil.

Which helps in trapping and holding the pollen grains.

Sometimes, these pollen grainsare also carried by the wind.

The Pollen grains land on the stigma, germinate, and form pollen tubes.

That grow through the spaces inside the style.

The style is a tube-like structure that holds up the stigma.

At the end of the pollen tubeis the pollen tip,.

Which reaches the Ovary and fertilizes the egg.

When these pollen grains fuse with the ovules of the flower, a seed is formed,.

Which later grows up to become a handsome plant.

Oops! I forgot to tell you about the Petals and the Sepals.

A Petal is a protective layer for the style and stigma.

Its also the most attractive part of the flower.

Petals attract insects and are usually the reason why we love flowers.

The Sepals are the green leaflike structures parts at the base of the flower,.

Which protect the developing bud of a plant.

Broccoli, the vegetable that we all love.

Is nothing but a flower! After pollination, the ovary of the flower becomes a fruit.

Okay kids, bye for now.

This is me Zooming out! Tune in next time for more fun facts!.

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