Painted Flowers – Episode 1

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Gogo! When's Mama going to be back? Akello, she's going hunting.

It'll be forever until she's back.

Your brother is right, little one.

Hunting trips take a while, especially in this time of year where prey is scarce.

But we're bored! Yeah.

I don’t want to be stuck in this cave while Mama does all the work.

Your time will come.

Enjoy your youth and innocence while it lasts.

I’m old, and I’ve lived a long and hard life.

I’ve dealt with lies, and.

awful animals.

I’m hoping you cubs never have to experience what I’ve been through.

I’m not saying my life was entirely made up of hardships.

There were plenty of great things to come out of it.

Your mother, for example.

Y-You adopted her when she was just a cub, right? When she was our age! That’s right, I rescued her.

Without us… she wouldn’t have survived.

[Zaire] Are you going to tell a story tonight? [Aliyah] Yeah, tell a story! [Layali] What do you want to hear? Everything! All the bad things you've been through.

And all the good things! Okay.

but it's not going to be pretty.

So Mamoyo, how’s training going? It’s going great, actually.

Baba says it won’t be long ‘till I’m ready to take over as the main Queen of the pack.

Could be any time now, just you wait.

I'm going to be the best Mambokadzi you've ever seen.

Don't get too comfortable, Layali.

Being Queen isn't all fun and games.

Your parents may have many seasons left; they aren’t exactly old dogs.

You have plenty of time, and plenty to learn, before you're ready to lead.

Oh, I’m just pulling your tail.

you take things too seriously.

And you don't take things seriously enough, Mamoyo.

[Dreamwalker] *Are you really going to let HER talk to you like that?* You're next in line to lead, and you're letting some lesser dog walk all over you.

Humph, some mambokadzi you'll make.

[Layali] I take things serious when a situation calls for it.

Being too stressed about EVERYTHING isn’t good for your health you know.

We know you’ll do great Layali, we just think you need to take your duties… well.

Just remember that when you’re Queen, our lives will depend on you.

It will be your job to guide us and protect us.

It’s a big responsibility, and we just want to make sure you can handle it.

Look, you guys have nothing to worry about, I know I- [Duna] Layali! Yes, Duna? Weren’t you supposed to meet Mosi this morning for your training? Tardiness isn’t a good trait in a.

[Dreamwalker] *Well, well, well, if it isn’t your uncle.

* *You can never please him can you? He probably knows already that you’ll never be as good as your father is.

* *And you just keep proving him right don’t you.

* I’m not supposed to meet him until the sun is at… Shit! Uh, gotta run guys, catch up with you later! [Imani] Bye Layali! Baba, sorry I’m late.

I was talking with Imani and Mahiri and lost track of time and- Baba? *slurp* Baba! I can wash myself! Stop fussing, Layali.

No princess in my pack shall have a speck of dirt on her pelt.

I’m the only princess in the entire Meadow pack.

Which gives me every right to spoil you as much as I can.

No fair! (laughs) Now come now Layali, we must use our strengths to our advantage.

Where does the water come from, Baba? Far away from here.

farther than our pack ever travels.

Will we ever go there? I should hope not Layali.

that is far beyond our pack’s traveling grounds.

We are much safer here, on territory we are familiar with.

But I want to go see, to find the exact spot it comes from.

Can’t we go there? I just can’t say no to you my love.

Maybe one day, when you’ve grown up into a strong queen, we can just travel out there; Just you and I, okay? We'll make it an adventure.

[Layali] Promise? [Mosi] I promise.

[Layali] Baba, what happens when we die? [Mosi] Why would you ask that, Layali? [Layali] Mahiri told me I can’t lead the pack until you die.

But I’m not sure what that means.


I will be around for a very long time.

but I won’t be around forever.

One day I’ll have to travel far away, by myself.

where you can’t follow me.


but you’ll visit right? You won’t leave me alone? I will never leave you alone.

There’s no scent on him at all.


who could have done this? *What do you mean? Surely it's obvious.

* Piss off, okay? If y-you’re not going to help me- [Zola] What.

what have you done?! Mosi! Oh my love.

who did this to you? Layali! Who did this? I-I just found him here, I don’t know! There’s no scent! Only his blood.

and you.

[Layali] I-I know, Mama.


it’s pretty obvious who’s responsible.

Isn’t it? [Layali] What? Just look at you.

The blood stains on your paws.

You’re the only one at the scene.

No other scent.

It was you! How could you say that?! Of course it wasn’t me! You’ve always wanted to be queen, haven’t you? With your dad out of the picture, your rank will increase.

We definitely needed more royal leaders, huh? You never were the patient one… Baba was the world to me! He certainly was! Or was that all just a hoax as well? Why don’t we just see what Duna has to say about this… You won’t get away with murdering my mate! [Layali] I’m.

Your daughter.

Not a murderer.

What other explanation is there?! You’ve no proof! You disgusting excuse for a princess.

There’s no way someone else could have done this.

And now.

My entire family is gone.

*Your entire family may be gone.

but this is your chance to start anew.

* *Do what you know is right.

* [Zola] Come with me now, traitor.

You’ll get what’s coming to you.

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