Painted Flower Pots Garden Craft

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Here's an easy way to brighten up your patioor deck with vivid color.

Take a plain clay pot and give it a new coat of paint.

Makesure the surface is dry and free of dirt and debris.

Then apply a uniform coat of exteriorgrade spray paint.

Let it dry for a day, then plant it up.

The paint should last a coupleof years depending on your climate.

When the pot is in need of a new coat, just repeatthe process, and change color if you like.

To make pots even more decorative, use tapeto create a 2-toned pattern.

First, cover the rim of the pot with painter's tape, thenapply the first coat of color.

Once the paint is dried, remove the tape then cover the paintedportion of the container with tape and newspaper leaving the rim exposed.

Paint the rim ofthe pot using a different color.

When it's dry, remove the masking, and there you go,a beautiful 2-toned pot.

Source: Youtube