Paint Spring Flowers with Handprints – Craft Time with Ashley

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Hi, my name is Ashley, welcome to craft time! Do you like the paint? Because I like to.

And today I'm going to show you how to make this flower.

The paint we're using today is Crayola Glitter Colors.

So here's what you need.

A paintbrush and a second paintbrush, and some sparkle paints, and some.

a plate, and some stickers, and a piece of paper.

We're using these stickers to decorate, but you don't need to use stickers.

So let's get started to it! First we need to put paint on my hands.

My mom's going to help me.

I think I want to put my first color to be.

purple! We're going to make three flowers.

Oh that's beautiful! I think I want my next color to be.


Yellow please mom.

I love how these colors just sparkle.

I think I want my next flower to be.

red! Red please mom! How about we put.

We can make some We can make four.

We could.

What color do you want your other one to be, blue? Yeah.

We have a little bit more room right there so we're going to make four.

Blue please mom! When you push it down don't forget to get it and lift it up again.

Now that we have the flowers it's time to add the stems.

Take your green and draw a line.

It's looking beautiful.

This is really good.

Now add some leaves to your stems.

You never know, it's time to decorate.

My favorite part.

I need a little more paint on these ones.

Now we're just going to add a little grass.

We gonna make some clouds.

But I just need a cotton ball for this one.

I'm gonna grab my cotton ball now.

I got it! And then I'm gonna do the clouds.

Dip it in the blue and then do my clouds.

That I'm making it, so good.

That you can't wait to try it.

It's time to decorate with my stickers.

So butterflies go in the sky and frogs go in the grass.

Starting with the frogs.

Time for the butterflies! Butterflies go in the sky! If they want to get flying.

they have to exercise! You know, if you like butterflies we have a video on our QuadSquad channel about a catterpillar becomes a butterfly.

Click here to watch it.

This is done! I can't wait to show it to my Nana.

Let me show you.

We have lots of other videos for you to watch on the QuadSquad channel.

Check them out! Remember to subscribe to the QuadSquad channel so you'll know when our new videos come in! Thanks for watching my video, bye! Crayola Glitter Colors Today we're using Crayola Glitter Colors.

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