ORIGAMI – Tiger Lily | Bouquet Series

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Begin with the coloured side facing up Fold the paper in half horizontally Be sure to align the edges and corners for a clear fold Unfold and repeat for a (+) fold Unfold and flip onto the blank face Now fold in half diagonally, from corner to corner Unfold and repeat for a (X) fold (I use my nails to press the edges into alignment) Unfold and then press into the creases on either side This brings the previous folds together into a Water-bomb/Balloon Base Lifting one flap, the next step is a squash fold The points made during the fold should follow the bottom edge (I fold the 'diamond' in half to move it out of the way) Repeat the squash fold on the remaining flaps (I flip this flap to keep the same amount underneath) With the open end facing you, dog-ear the corner along the centre crease Repeat for a littler, white diamond! Unfold and prepare a crease in the middle Now fold up the open-end point, along the crease Fold down the side-flaps following the central line This makes a lovely upside-down diamond Repeat for the remaining sides So long as the points are 'on point' it's alright With the open end still towards you, fold down the points you have just finished Now the middle-points need to be folded along the closed end Following the central crease as before: tightly fold the edges down (I check to make sure this is the 'open end') Repeat the folds along the closed end for the other sides Flip over the model, keeping your (now-bottom) folds tightly in place Fold down the top points to make the flower's petals Open up the model as you go Be sure to fold the petals between the 'stamens' (Those centre points) You have now finished your Origami Lily!.

Source: Youtube