Origami Lily

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Hello, and Welcome to our Origami Lily video.

Start by making an Origami Water Balloon Base.

Valley fold along the north-south line, color side up.

Unfold the last fold, and make a perpendicular valley fold.

Unfold the last fold.

Flip the paper over, and valley fold along the diagonal.

Unfold, then valley fold along the other diagonal.

Unfold the paper partially.

Now collapse along the crease lines.

This is the Origami Water Balloon Base.

Squash fold the upper right flap.

Make three (3) more of the same squash fold.


Now we'll make an Origami Petal Fold.

Fold the lower left and right edges to the center.

Unfold the last three (3) folds.

The creaselines we just made will be our guide for the next Squash Fold.

Insert a finger under the top layer, and fold upwards.

Squash flat.

Make three (3) more of the same squash fold.

Fold the outer flap down, then repeat on the other three (3) sides.

Fold the upper left and right edges to the centerline, and repeat three (3) more times.

Rotate the piece 180 degrees.

Hold at the bottom, and start opening the petals of the lily.

Curl each petal over a pen or something similar.

Your Origami Lily is complete.


Source: Youtube