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The water lily.

Flip it over Fold diagonally in half.

Open up do it again to the other diagonal.

Open up.

Now you want to take each of the four corners and bring it to the center.

Again take each of the four corners andbring it to the center.

You'll find in this origami, The pressing is very important.

Because otherwise, it pops open.

You want to open these up but not open this way.

You will open it and leave approximately half-inch.

Too small I don't think it comes out asnicely.

Too big you won't have the point of the flower.

You can line it up just but watch each corner when you pull back so that they are even.

I pull back and make sure I matchup with that It's OK if it's a little off.

Press flipped it over.

Press very nicely.

We are going to take each of the four corners into the center but this is going to be tricky becauseyou want to bring this in.

You don't want to press just yet.

You justwant to press this center part.

Shaking the camera.

Press it very well.

I have a bone file.

or you can use the back of a butter knife.

So go to the next corner and this iswhere it gets tricky.

What I like to do is I watched this flap and as I bringthis in I want to match this flap up with it.

It'll come up the pedal edge.

and then down and to the center.

It comes in First I flatten the center somewhat I'll go back and flatten it some morethen I will go in, maybe I'll zoom in Zoom in – unfortunately I have to get myfingers in there and move it around so they line up next to each other You can shape it.

Press when you get it to the place you like it and as you can see it opens up a little bit because it is not flattened as well but I'm going to wait until I get to the end.

to flatten it some more because I want to make sure everything gets shaped properly first Now I'm going to try and Press everything down a little bit harder you want these tostay up because that's the flower part this is the flower part but you wantthis to stay down I'm actually gonna go inside a littlebit With the bone file, this is where the bone file comes in handy I'm also going to this is where you're sorta shaping it to the way you like it lot of the easier Origami is just fold andyou're done but this one just takes a little shaping and that's the difficulty of it.

That's staying flat, hooray, now to give it.

to put it on its lily pad, flip over andthese Gently you can't put it on the ground to flip unfortunately gently and carefully and delicately.

And there you have your water lily.


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