Origami Flower – Easy Paper Flowers!

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Hey loves! I have a quick room decor tutorialto share with you.

I'll show you how to make paper flowers.

We are going to make two differentkinds of tulips, both unbelievably easy, but so adorable.

So go grab some paper and let'sget started! Our tulip consists of two parts, a bloom anda stem.

We need one piece of paper for each part.

First we are going to make a tulip bloom.

Take a square piece of paper with a side ofabout 10 centimeters or 4 inches.

Fold it along the diagonal to get a triangle.

We'redoing this just to get a leading line.

Unfold the square and fold it along the other diagonal.

As you can see we have a vertical leading line along the middle of the triangle.

Usethis line as an indicator and fold the right and left triangle corners upwards like so.

You could just leave it like this or you can do one step more like me.

Flip the tulip aroundand fold a small piece of right and left corner inside.

This will give us that perfect tulipbloom shape.

Just turn your work around and there you have a beautiful tulip bloom! Imade an orange, yellow and a red one.

Now let's make a stem! Take a square pieceof paper, with a side of about 14 centimeters or 5 inches.

Notice how the piece of paperwe are using for the stem needs to be bigger than the piece we used for the bloom.

Foldthe paper along the diagonal to get a big triangle and then unfold it.

Fold the bottomcorner up towards the diagonal line like so.

Do the same with the upper corner.

Now foldthe bottom part again, but this time you're folding the paper on the left side.

Repeatthe step on the upper side.

Next, go back to the right side of your figure and foldthe bottom corner up till the middle line.

Do exactly the same with the upper corner.

Fold it down to the middle.

Next fold your shape in half, so the right corner meets theleft one like this.

Lastly fold your work along like so, and then pull the thinner insidepart out a bit.

And this is our cute tulip stem with a leaf.

To attach the bloom to the stem you need a small piece of tape or you can use a glue.

I'm going for the tape.

Place the tape on the upper part of the stem and then stickit on the back side of the tulip bloom.

This is how you get a beautiful tulip, which canbe used as a gorgeous spring room décor.

Tulips will stand on a flat surface so youcan place them on your night stand, on the window, anywhere you like.

I love how theybrighten up the space and give the room that happy spring feel.

Now I will show you another version of the tulip bloom.

This one is 3 dimensional butstill very easy to make.

Take a square piece of paper with a side of about 10 centimetersor 4 inches.

Fold it along one diagonal of the square, unfold, and then fold along theother diagonal.

Unfold the paper and flip it around.

Fold it upwards like so to geta rectangle and then unfold.

Turn the work for 90 degrees and then fold it again in half.

Unfold the paper and use the leading lines to fold the paper into a smaller square likeso.

I am turning the project for 90 degrees, just so that it's easier for me to fold thepaper.

We now have two layers of paper.

Let's first work with the top layer.

Take a bottomcorner and fold it up till the middle leading line.

Turn the project for 180 degrees andrepeat.

Take the corner and fold it up.

Flip the work around and redo the same steps onthe other side.

Take a bottom corner and fold it up till the middle leading line.

Turn thework for 180 degrees and repeat.

You should now have something like this.

Unfold all thecorners to get these side leading lines.

Fold a corner up till the leading line and foldit again along the leading line.

Repeat this on all four corners.

Besides using these tulipsas a room décor you can give them as a little present to your mom, grandma or your bestfriend.

You will brighten the day of that person, guaranteed! Or you know, if you'vebeen naughty and forgot to get something to your mom on mother's day, this little flowercan be your savior.

Two pieces of paper and a couple of minutes is all you need.

And thisis the shape you need to have so far.

Take scissors and cut a tiny piece of this corner.

This is where you will attach the bloom to the stem.

On the opposite side you have anopening.

With the help of your finger open the bloom like so.

Work carefully so you don'ttear the paper and you should end up with a cool 3D bloom like this one.

Roll the petalsdown slightly for an even more detailed look to your tulip.

Use the same stem as we made for the first tulip.

But instead of using a tape, just stickit into the opening on the bottom of the bloom.

And another version of origami tulip is complete!You can place this cool 3D tulip on any flat surface to color up your room.

Let me knowin the comments, which version you like best.

I must say the first one is my favorite.

Ihope you're having an awesome day, stay happy and I will see you next time! Bye.

Let's play a little game this time.

Afterwatching this tutorial take two pieces of paper and make this cute flower for a personclose to you — Mom would be a perfect choice.

When you come back please write in the commentswhat did the person you gave this cute flower say.

I'm sure you will brighten their dayand we would all love to read such comments!.

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