Order flowers for a special someone with this simple English conversation

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Are you interested in expanding your English conversation topics? In this video, I’ll share with you a simple, useful English conversationthat you can use immediately to start learning English quickly and without overwhelm.

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Ordering flowers Hello, welcome to Jane’s Flowers.

Hello, I’d like to order some flowers formy girlfriend please.


Do you have anything in particular inmind? She likes frangipanis.

Are they for any particular occasion? Yes, it’s her birthday.

We can arrange a frangipani bouquet to suitthe occasion.

We also have other arrangements.

You can look at them in our catalogue here.

Oh, I like the frangipani bouquet in pinkand yellow.

Can I order that one, please? When would you like the flowers delivered? Her Birthday is next week on Wednesday.

Can you deliver it in the morning around 10am,please? Certainly, I just need the delivery name,address and your contact number? Please deliver it to: Theresa Green, 752 EvergreenTerrace, Springfield.

My contact number is 555 – 1234 That will be $47 including delivery.

Wouldyou like to pay by cash or credit? Cash, please.

No problem.

Okay, you’re all set for a frangipanibouquet to be delivered to your lucky girlfriend next Wednesday at 10am.

Thank you very much.

See you later! Bye.

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