Napa Cabbage and Crab Meat Imitation Salad. How to Make Beautiful Flower from Napa Cabbage.

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Welcome to my kitchen.

My name is Gala.

I cook salad today with napa cabbage and crab meat imitation.

This recipe is very good with our creen cabbage also, but need to be shred fine.

Bottom of cabbage will be our future garnish flower.

You can see simple technique how to make flower after salad recipe I tried this recipe with real crab meat and don't like how it come out.

Dice crab meat and eggs.

Cucumber I like to cut on fine stripes (jullien cut) Add all ingredients to cabbage.

Salt add just before serving, it is very important.

Ingredients so colorful and so many choices to garnish it.

I am going to show simple technique, how to make flower from this cabbage.

We don't need much effort and art skills to make so beautiful flower.

Remove extra leaves.

Spread center of our flower.

Our flower ready to garnish every day or Holiday dishes.

As you can see on my photos the flower is so beautiful.

Music is playing.

Thank you so much for watching!.

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