MissyKAT Loves Taking Care Of Flowers Safety!

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Let me take an easter flower for my mother.

Look, there are few flowers that were falling down, from that tree above! Can I take one? They were blown over.

Can I? Take.

Look, that I found a very good one! I lost a flower.

One more flower, one of my favourite! Do you want me to show you which kind of flower is this? Show me! We have to walk further more.

Could we pass the street? Let's go, there is nothing coming! You see, nothing comes! Let me show you a mother for this flower.

Do you want? YES! Come! That is the mother, that has orange inside! Daddy look, That flower with orange inside is the same flower with the one I carry in my hand.

Only this is a child and that is a mother of it.

I see.

That's an adult.

This is not possible.

I cannot pick up this flower.

Yes, don't break it! I liked it so much! Please, Can I take it? Nope!.

Source: Youtube