Missing You

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i wonder who has subtitles on.

so? enjoying the music? oh dont worry, it gets more emotional- just look at the comment section XD sooooooooo.

hows ur day? ;3 im just writing this at 1 am thinking im really funny.

i wonder how long itll take for someone to find this XDD if you did find this, type "nutella" in the comments and tell no one why you did that thatll be funny to see all the confusion ;D anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays.

whats ur favorite color? mines blue ;3 i also love owls ;3 whats ur favorite animal? you could just answer the question in one word after saying nutella like itll be funny seeing a random comment all like: nutella, blue, owls no one would have a clue XDDDD i recently made a poll on dinosaurs with oreos for teeth or ghosts that randomly hide nutella in ur house so far the ghosts are winning with one vote.

maybe i did bias it a little, i mean who doesnt want free nutella?? maybe ppl with a nut allergy.

*looks off into the distance wilst dramatic music plays* i remember the great art block war.

*closes eyes* twas the deadliest war faught.

my unit was copic markers and pens- but they were shot by the block.

others just just ran out of ink in attempt at beating the block *gets teary eyed* they all faught bravely.

welp i think i went overboared with that one lol i think ima quite with the subtitles now and cringe about it in a couple of months when someone finds this ;3 byyeee.

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