Make Flowers Glow In the Dark

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today we're going to show you how you canmake flowers glow in the dark.

you're going to need a tall bottle, a measuringjug full of water, some white flowers and a highlighter pen.

The first step is to take your highlighter pen and remove the end so that you can takethe core of the pen out.

you might need an adult to help you with this.

Once you've taken the cap off the pen, you can use a pair of scissors or a very thinpair of pliers t remove the inside of the pen.

This is the part of the pen that holds all of the highlighter ink.

Once you've got the core of the pen out bend the core a few times.

this will helpthe ink flow more freely.

leave the core of the pen to sit in the waterfor a few minutes.

this will make sure that most of the ink goesinto the water.

once that's done you will see all of the waterhas changed color to match the highlighter.

this is because the ink has flown in withthe water.

take the core out of the jug and get yourtall bottle.

then very carefully pour the colored waterinto the jug.

you'll want the bottle to be half full.

Once you've done that, take your white flowers and carefully put them through the neck ofyour bottle.

make sure that the stems of the flowers aresitting in the liquid.

leave those overnightthen when you come back to the bottle you'll see that the flowers look exactly the same.

Well actually they don't.

if you turn on an ultra-violet or black light,you'll see that the flowers suddenly glow in the dark.

Why is this? well it's because the flowers have drunk upthe water from the bottle and when they've done that they've also soakedup the ink that's in the water.

this has gone up the stems of the flowersinto the petals changing their color and making them fluoresceor glow in the dark under an ultra violet light.

Isn't that great! you can see that the ink has gathered morearound the edges of the petals than the middle.

and there you have it.

That is how you can make flowers glow in the dark.

Thank you so much for watching.

hope you enjoyed the experimentif you enjoyed this, why don't you check out some more of our science videos on our channeland why not let us know about any other experiments you'd like to see.

Bye bye.

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